The Best Destinations for Fall Foliage in Switzerland

Crisp air, morning dew, shorter days, longer nights, fall is officially descending upon us! The sights and smells of the fall season are easily recognizable. Apple pies, pumpkin lattes, beautiful twilights, and (one of the best parts) stunning foliage are just a few of the season’s signature highlights. As the leaves begin to change color, some of the most beautiful destinations around the world begin to transform into postcard-perfect scenes.

Explore Switzerland’s Fall Foliage

While there are many stunning destinations to visit for fall foliage, from New England in the United States to Kyoto in Japan, I want to share a few destinations in a country especially close to my heart – Switzerland. For those of you who don’t know, I now officially call Switzerland my home (more on that story to come another day!). The natural beauty of Switzerland is undeniable. All of its mountainous, tree-filled scenery provides the perfect backdrop for fall. While there are many breathtaking areas to explore, today, I’ll be highlighting just a few of the best destinations in Switzerland to witness the magic of fall foliage.


Bern, Switzerland, is perhaps one of the most famous destinations for fall foliage worldwide. The color palette of Bern’s fall colors is a true masterpiece. Fall sunsets in Bern hit especially beautifully off of the amber colors of its trees. There are many areas of Bern that showcase the foliage, but the 360-degree views from The Gurten observation tower are unmatched. Hike, bike, or ride the funicular to the very top for storybook views. 

Just under an hour south of Bern, you’ll find the clear-blue Lake Blausee. The transforming trees surrounding this peaceful spot make it another must-see for fall foliage.


If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories recently, you’ve been able to explore the Ticino area with me. For those of you who haven’t, go follow along to get a special inside look at the change of seasons in Ticino, as that’s where I live! The Foliage-Train, as it has been fondly called, is a highlight for many who both live in and visit the area between October and mid-November. Now that I call Ticino home, it is definitely on my list of things to explore!

The hikes starting from the village of Lodano are also spectacular in fall. It’s a true blessing to be able to breathe in the fresh air and hike through the calm of nature any time of year. But, as the surrounding forests of chestnut trees and beeches change before your eyes, it is a real treat. I’ve always loved hiking, and I can’t wait to continue sharing my local hikes throughout the fall, so you can experience them right alongside me!


Located in the eastern area of the Swiss Alps, the Engadin with its beautiful valleys is an important stop on this list. If you’ve been following me since I first started this blog, you also know it’s a destination I especially loved visiting last ski season. Check out more about my Engadin experience here). However, fall is another beautiful time to explore it.

Engadin’s fall foliage is pretty iconic. It’s most famous for its Golden larches. These tall, narrow trees turn the warmest golden-yellow color in fall. They blanket the area, bringing a golden glow inside and out to all those who are lucky enough to witness it. You can’t help but feel the richness of the earth and mother nature here during fall.

Fall Foliage Adventures

Fall foliage is a wonder of nature that we’re incredibly lucky to experience every year. In Switzerland, the change of seasons is particularly magical as the abundance of natural beauty is limitless. While there are many special destinations to visit, Bern, Ticino, and Engadin are three of Switzerland’s best.

I am very excited to observe and share all the changes in my new home as we head into the fall season! Where will your path lead this fall? Let me know what adventures you’re planning in the comments below or on my Instagram!

*Featured Image Credit: Alexandre Perotto

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