Traveling and Living With Intention Every Step Of The Way

Hi, I’m Kathrin!  

Whether you’re planning your next adventure or simply seeking to live mindfully in your daily life, I hope this blog empowers you to follow your own course and do more of what makes your soul happy.

Forging My Own Path

I never wanted to conform or fit in. (Are you someone who doesn’t fit in a box, too?) I always wanted to do things my way. And that’s exactly what I did at 14 years old when I confidently waved goodbye to my parents and stepped onto an airplane in Munich. Though I headed to Florence to learn Italian and immerse myself in the culture, I came back with so much more.

By developing the courage to make decisions every day that don’t compromise my well-being, I started on a path that intertwined beautiful travel adventures with a conscious living foundation.

Though I have lots to share about my journey, I also can’t wait to learn more about yours. Let’s explore everything this beautiful world has to offer, together!

Dream About The Big Things, And Enjoy Every Moment Of The Little Things

While I founded this blog on the principle of inspiring women to solo travel, my passion has evolved into so much more than that. Now, sitting on my mountain top in Ticino, Switzerland, (my home since the pandemic), I want to inspire others to focus on living with intention and developing a deep connection to Mother Earth in all her abundance. 

My hope is that by sharing my stories, this community won’t just feel compelled to travel to beautiful destinations, but will be moved to always see the beauty already around them.

A few of my favorite things:





Healthy Cooking
& Nutrition

Yoga & Pilates

Exploring Nature

Holistic Health

Living with Intention

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Your lifelong lust for solo travel begins here.

More About Kathrin di Lauro

Typically, this is where travel bloggers would have a section of their favorite destinations or bucket list dreams. I hope to become your new favorite travel blogger because I’m all about paving my own paths and doing what feels authentic, not necessarily what’s popular. What matters is when I write about a destination, I choose to do so because it was a gift to explore it (and you deserve the gift of traveling there too.) I steer clear of the ordinary because don’t we all deserve the extraordinary?

I’m fortunate to be able to say I’ve traveled to all seven continents. I honestly stopped counting how many countries I’ve visited a long time ago, and I don’t take it for granted. On my blog, you won’t find stories about the same major cities that everyone visits. (And if you do, I promise it will include unique perspectives and adventures.) I love hiking, exploring destinations by foot or bike, and experiencing nature. I also admit that I definitely love the finer things in life, especially when traveling.

When I travel to a new city, I travel with my entire mind, body, and soul. You’ll see wellness, authenticity, and sincerity woven throughout all the stories I share. Even if I can inspire one woman to take off on that solo travel adventure she SO deserves, I know all my efforts to create this blog have been absolutely worth it.  

Are you ready to get inspired? Go ahead and dive right in!

It’s time you embark on the voyages you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

“Traveling solo doesn’t mean you’re alone. Sometimes the best company in the world is yourself. Do what makes your soul genuinely happy, and do it now. ”

“I believe every woman should have the self-confidence to embark on a rewarding journey of self-discovery through solo travel. I’m here to help you build it.“

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