4 Ways to Infuse Slow Traveling Activities in Your Summer Trips 

Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, a partner, or with the whole family, I highly recommend you incorporate slow traveling activities into your summer vacation. Even if the trip doesn’t seem slow with all of the fast-paced summer travel chaos, there are always ways to travel more intentionally and find those moments of peace. You might be wondering, what does slow traveling mean?

When thinking of slow travel, it’s a less-is-more mindset where you value quality experiences over quantity. This is where you can truly be in the moment, and focus on fewer destinations with more time spent in each place. Forget about cramming in tons of summer activities for adults or children, and instead, choose a few that you can indulge in whole-heartedly.  

The goal with slow traveling is to find fun summer activities for adults or children to be fully present in the moment and enjoy the experiences of each day. Slow traveling allows you to feel connected to the destination in a way you can appreciate and savor. No matter if you’re traveling alone or with a group, you can find those moments of peace and connection on your vacation. 

Avoid Summer Travel Chaos with Slow Traveling 

Before you start planning your summer vacation, remember there will be moments of anxiety and stress. This is an inevitable part of the experience when traveling. Things like flight delays, traffic, missed trains, lost luggage, and crowded tourist destinations are all realities of traveling—especially during the busy summer travel chaos months! If you expect these things, it’ll help remind you to stay the course until you reach your destination. 

Once you move past those barriers, you’ll be able to fully embrace your trip as you arrive at your destination. Are you looking for some inspiration for your next trip? Add these slow traveling activities to your itineraries! 

Visit a National Park 

The best way to experienceslow traveling is by connecting to the world’s natural wonders. Visiting national parks across the globe will enlighten your senses and relax your mind. Why not incorporate one of them into your next vacation? 

See the gorgeous turquoise waters surrounded by forests and mountains at Banff National Park in Canada or experience scenic landscapes and wildlife in Yosemite or Yellowstone National Parks in the USA. Go on a safari in the Serengeti National Park in Africa or see the glacier-carved fjords at Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. 

While there will be crowds during the summer of people searching for outdoor summer activities at these parks, the best part is knowing how expansive these parks really are. No matter how many people visit, you’re sure to find more peaceful and serene areas off the beaten path to fully soak up every part of nature you can. 

Swim in Natural Water 

Have you gone swimming near a tropical waterfall in Costa Rica? How about a dip into crystal clear waters in Hawaii? Roughly 71% of the Earth is covered in water, and it’s about time you explored it on your next vacation with slow traveling. Add this to your list of activities for hot summer days to cool off! 

While the hotel pool might seem inviting, there’s nothing like the feeling of connecting with the magic of water. Whether you’re swimming in a lake, river, natural spring, or ocean, it’s all equally magical! Natural waters are full of life, unlike chlorinated pools. Of course, be mindful of staying away from polluted or unsafe waters to swim in. There are plenty of beautiful spots around the world that offer natural swimming in safe environments. 

Go for a Hike 

There’s no better way to embrace slow traveling than with an invigorating hike to take in all of nature’s beauty. Connecting with nature is a key part of slow traveling to escape reality’s busy demands. As far as outdoor summer activities go, hiking is a perfect choice to get some exercise and fresh air while exploring a new place. 

If you’re not an avid hiker, there are plenty of spots that offer shorter beginner hikes. Enjoy hiking as an option for summer activities for adults and children! An added bonus of going for a hike can lead you to stunning views of your destination that you won’t get anywhere else. No need to speed race on your hike; take in the sights, and enjoy the fresh air and the shade of the trees around you. 

Explore by Bicycle 

Ditch the car for the day and find a local spot to rent bicycles for a fun-filled day incorporating slow traveling. This is when you can really get to know the place you’re visiting. You can book biking tours or find parks that have specific biking trails. The best part about biking is being able to stop and take in the sights as often as you’d like without much hassle. 

If you’re in a tropical destination, you can ride bikes to the beach and go for a swim. If you’re in a city, you can find a park nearby to cycle in and have a picnic afterward. Wherever you find yourself, remember to look around and soak in all of the sights around you. You’ll want to remember each of these moments as you cycle through new destinations. 

 Add Outdoor Summer Activities to Your Slow Traveling Itinerary 

When practicing slow traveling, it’s so important to really embrace the culture and natural surroundings of the places you visit. It’s about being at one with nature and mindful of the present moment. No need to rush or stress—travel slowly by enjoying the sunshine and warm weather outside all summer long. Whether you visit a national park, swim in natural waters, hike a trail, or go for a bike ride, slow down enough to enjoy every moment of your next vacation. 

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