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Water Magic Explained: The Profound Impact of Water on Your Life

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loren Eiseley

Water is the holiest and most precious substance on this earth. Pure water is the essence of luxury! 
If you’ve never heard of the term “water magic,” I’m certainly going to change that for you today. (And you’ll probably never look at water the same way again!)

The beauty of nature surrounds me near my home in Switzerland. The water magic of this waterfall is incredibly powerful.

The Power of Water 

Water is life. Without water, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Our planet is over 70% water, and our bodies are about 60% water. The health benefits of water are as endless as all the life forms that need water to survive. It’s no wonder that natural springs were the first sacred sites in history humans observed. This fact alone is a true representation of water magic.

What is Water Magic?

As a teenager, I had a book about the power of thoughts and words in relation to water. Dr. Masuru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, researched how water crystallized in different formations depending on the types of intentions or moods it was exposed to. This is water magic—water’s ability to take on many forms, not only in its three states (liquid, vapor, and solid), but also in the thoughts and words we give to it. 

I also grew up with a pond in the garden of my childhood home and the magic that it held like baby frogs, wild ducks, salamanders, and water lilies,

There are several ways to incorporate water’s magic powers into your daily routine. 

Water Whispering

This method involves verbalizing your worries and feelings to the water and listening. This can be done with a natural water source where you live or even a bowl of water. Relax and enter a meditative state to feel the communication from the water. 

Water Elixirs

Speak an intention out loud into a bottle of water or write an intention down and tape it onto the bottle. Get clear on what you want to manifest in your life. You can then drink the water or sprinkle it outside to sanctify your space. 

Before you drink a glass of water each day, try speaking your intentions into it to experience its profound magic.

Crystal in Water Elixirs

I have my own special method of crystal water elixirs. I begin by empowering the crystal and blowing my intentions into it. Then, I place it in a glass and fill it with some water. In the morning, I squeeze a fresh lemon inside, add some warm water, and have that first thing in the morning after my oil pulling. 

Crystal and water magic elixir
Crystals and water elixirs are an even more powerful combination.

Water in the Morning

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink lemon water. For the benefits of water in the morning, I squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass of warm water.

Water Anointing

This old and sacred ritual is a powerful practice. You can use a source of wild water or running tap water and allow it to stream through your hands as you pray, blessing yourself and others. You can also gently rub the water on your temples or behind your neck, wherever you want to feel this healing energy. 

Water Fasting Cures

Maybe the most important water magic I have experienced is during my fasting cures. Three days of only water and herbal tea teaches you so much about water magic!

When you’re struggling, ask yourself, “Can I take this to the water and let it wash away?” Try out these practices and see how the health benefits of water, as well as the mysterious water magic powers, enhance your life!

The Profound Role Water Has Played In My Life

Water and Love

My husband is from Southern Italy and is instinctively drawn to running water. In the beginning of our relationship, twenty-five years ago, it was not easy to convince him to enjoy outdoor physical activities with me. But when we would encounter a river along our hiking path, I noticed he would be more at ease and in awe of the running water. At least for some time, he would be talking about the water instead of complaining about his physical effort! It was as if the water helped him to find calm and ease even during physical activity.

Years later, I was curious, what are the water properties that make it so magical? That’s when I learned about negative ions in water, especially next to waterfalls. These negative ions are believed to boost mood and enhance positive feelings. My husband eventually found pleasure in our excursions in nature and has always been attracted to waterfalls the most.

Water magic - ocean and black sand beach in Puglia, Italy
Daily water magic at this magical black-sand beach in one of our special places – Gargano, Puglia.

Water and Travel

I also learned the power of fresh, high-quality water through traveling.  I’ve traveled all over the world, and in some of those places, drinking tap water was not an option. I needed to purchase expensive water from the minibar or room service, and brought canisters to take to my hotel room to store water.

Munich’s drinking water from the foothills of the Alps is a natural product, and it’s known to be better than bottled water. Now, on my mountain top over Lake Lugano in Switzerland, we don’t even need to talk about tap water quality. I have not had to buy a bottle of water in Munich or Switzerland because the water in these places is so pure.

Travel Tip: I often fill my reusable water bottles from the water dispenser in hotel gyms. Perhaps not the best option, but better than tap water in many places!’

Another magical encounter with water on my travels took place in The Chedi in Muscat, Oman. We left The Chedi for a night to watch turtles hatch in a nature reserve. Part of our trip was a wadi hike. We hiked through a dry wadi in August and then suddenly came across a pool of water. What a delight! For me, this was my most remarkable travel experience with water.

Water magic and water's magic powers while traveling
The peaceful calm of this white-sand beach in the Greek Islands stayed with me long after I departed Greece.

Water and Home

Being from the Alpine region myself, spending time in nature is a must. When I was deciding between two beautiful homes in the mountains of Lake Lugano in two different villages, I found much clarity when I heard that there was a natural spring near one of the homes. That’s how I chose the village where I live now. I knew I needed to be close to this powerful element so I could tap into the power of water magic in my daily life.

I particularly like to manifest water magic through stones. I blow my intention, or that which I want to let go, into the stone and then throw it into the water.

I love finding and collecting heart-shaped stones, and since I have moved to Ticino, Switzerland, they’re regularly waiting for me on my hiking trails in beautiful, surprising ways. (Sometimes they’re clearly placed by a previous hiker in a way that feels like paying coffee forward.) A few days ago, I was hiking through a magic wildflower forest near my home when I crossed a small stream. I felt drawn to use the small heart-shaped stone in my pocket that I found earlier, but I felt attached to it and didn’t want to give it to the river. 

For some reason, I didn’t want to part with it. Right there, I recognized how unfree and conditioned I was. How could I not give the stone back to the wild when it was the wild that had offered it to me in the first place?

My “troubles” that I wanted to use the water ritual for had to do with a heartfelt situation, so I knew that this heart-shaped stone was meant for the ritual. I stopped overthinking it and spoke into the heart-shaped stone: “I can give my heart away and still be whole.” Then, I threw it into the river.

Waterfall and water magic in Switzerland
This powerful waterfall is walking distance to my home. It’s about a 3-hour loop hike, and it’s where I do my every day water magic

I felt immediate relief. I felt proud that, for the first time, I had combined this ritual with true letting-go action. I felt attached to that stone, but understood that letting go would free me.

The three following days were blissful, light, and relaxed. I knew and trusted that Mother Nature would fertilize the divine unfolding of any situation I gave to water’s magic powers.

Use Water Magic to Heal Your Soul and Connect with Your Inner Self

Are you now feeling inspired to get out into nature for some water magic this week? I know I am. 

What are your past experiences with water magic? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram!

Crystals and Water Magic

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