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The Healing Power of Letting Go and Moving On

“Just let it go.” How many times have you heard someone say it? But do you know the true meaning of letting go?

Letting go means freedom, renewal, and lightness. It means being in the flow of life and not holding on to things or situations that are out of our control.

As humans, we don’t like when outside actions occur without our consent, but it’s important to recognize that life has its own inherent intelligence – one that’s far superior to ours. So, if we’re not willing to take the necessary next steps to evolve and move forward on our journey, life might decide for us.

I like to think of it like this; when we let go of something, an empty space opens for new beginnings. Over time, something more aligned with the latest version of ourselves will emerge in its place. Welcoming new energy into these spaces allows for much-needed growth and inner healing.

So, how do you put this practice into action?

Letting Go and Moving On

Learning To Let Go

Letting go isn’t only about getting rid of the old, but it’s about making space for the new to evolve and manifest. Letting go makes room for an abundance of beautiful new experiences to enter your life. 

Throughout my life, I’ve had to learn how to let go of people that no longer served a positive place. I lead a very self-determined life, and I’m purposeful about how I shape my life…Thank God I was mostly spared from letting go of life circumstances.

I’m still learning how to let go of friendships and family members. Letting go and moving on from toxic relationships can be very freeing.

A common theme for me in letting go has been the breach of trust. I’m currently exploring the possibilities of letting go of generational trauma. Family members engrained in generational patterns may express resentment or disapproval for the changes and boundaries you set for yourself to heal and transform the pattern. In some respects, letting go disturbs a comfortable yet unspoken order of society. Sometimes choosing space is just another version of letting go. Honoring boundaries may be part of your letting go ritual. 

Letting Go In The New Year

Practicing Letting Go and Moving On

 Do your issues of letting go relate more to things, situations, and life circumstances or fellow human beings? Every life path and task is different from person to person.

This same concept applies to letting go rituals. While there are many ways to let go of the things that no longer serve you, there will always be a few constants in the process. Here are some important practices to follow when you’re finally ready to let go.

  1. Admit that something is painful and weighing you down.
  2. Accept that it’s time to leave it behind.
  3. Practice mindfulness, speak your truth, open yourself to those emotions, even the negativity.
  4. Let go of those emotions, that person, or that circumstance. Recognize that it doesn’t define you, it’s outside your control, and it’s time to leave that person/feeling/situation in your past.
  5. Practice gratitude for all those things in your life that do serve you and will continue forward with you on your journey.
  6. Treat yourself to some self-care.
  7. Reframe your perspective as you move on.

What If We Can’t Let Go?

Letting go of control is one of the hardest things to do. When we hold on to a situation or a memory that causes us pain, we increase our bond to the illusion and prevent a new evolution from beginning.

Not letting go can cause an internal breakdown, wondering how you ended up feeling so stuck. If we practice letting go without resistance, and instead channel dedication to life, something new and perhaps beautiful can emerge.

Letting Go Rituals

Letting Go Is The Key To Happiness

Understand that when you experience negative emotions, it’s because you’re holding on to something. By letting go and moving on, you allow your nervous system to return to a natural state of calm and peace. Feeling good in your mind and body is all that matters. Reframe your negative thought patterns into positive ones that allow for healing. 

A happy life is made up of a collection of moments that are uniquely yours. We cannot allow the happy moments to thrive in our lives when we resist letting go of the past. Letting go allows happiness to unfold without anything getting in the way. 

Any time we try to alter the natural flow of life, it takes its toll on our well-being. Letting go is your way of saying nothing is more important than feeling good within and about myself. I want to feel good or better now and in the future, so I am willing to let go of the past through my letting go rituals.

Embrace Letting Go In Your Own Life

When we’re honest with ourselves, we realize that holding on is much more painful than learning to let go. We must put ourselves first.

Whether it’s letting go of a toxic relationship or letting go control on how your life should unfold, find solace in your letting go ritual to move forward and feel lighter.  

Struggling to bring this to life? Here are some letting go affirmations to give you the boost of confidence you need. These letting go affirmations will help you move past anything weighing you down, so you can make room for what is meant for you in the New Year.

5 Letting Go Affirmations For The New Year

  • I gently release my need for control.
  • I accept the disappointments of my past and heal my future.
  • My mind is free from distractions, and my vision is clear.
  • Everything I need in my life already exists within me.
  • I trust that all my dreams are coming true. 

Use these powerful letting go affirmations as inspiration to start letting go of the past.

Though affirmations and a mindset shift are key to letting go and moving on, I’ve also learned that letting go can’t always be achieved purely through mindset and will. Sometimes, certain things won’t go away just because we want them to.

Letting Go Control And Living Intentionally

However, when you start to live your life intentionally, the things you wish would go away suddenly fade away into the darkness. By welcoming positive energy, your inner light begins to shine with the self-healing work you’ve done.

One thing I know for sure is that it’s not how quickly we learn to let go, but our true intention to live for our own happiness that makes the difference. Each small step toward letting go is what creates miracles in our lives that shape who we’ve always wanted to be. And most importantly, the healing work we do for ourselves gives us the peace we’ve always desired. 

What are you ready to let go of this year? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram!

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