My Favorite Forms of Self-Care While Traveling Solo

Since the pandemic, self-care has been a topic of conversation for people around the world. For solo travelers, self-care is nothing new. Traveling solo in and of itself is the ultimate form of self-care, in my opinion. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, for however long you want, without anyone to answer to. Each element of your trip is designed by you, for you. It doesn’t get better (or more self-care-centric) than that!

While traveling solo, I always incorporate some activities planned solely to make me feel calm, happy, and recharged. Here are a few forms of self-care I highly suggest you try on your next solo travel adventure.

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Spa Experience 

I love staying at luxury hotels while traveling solo, and the hotel spa is the ideal place for some much-needed self-care treatments. The menu of services is typically extensive at luxury properties. I recommend choosing a unique treatment that you wouldn’t normally get or have never experienced. Many spas incorporate a local spin into their services from the lotion ingredients to the application method, aromatherapy selections, or massage technique. You deserve to be pampered, and your solo trip is the perfect excuse to do it.

Here's the ideal spot for some self-care. This mountain spa in the Bavarian Alps is called Almbad Sillberghaus.

Indulge in a Calming Cup of Coffee or Tea 

After arriving in a new city, ask around or head to Instagram to uncover a local coffee shop gem. I love people-watching, and local cafes are the perfect place to do just that. Ask the baristas about their signature coffee or tea, and unwind with the soothing, bold flavors of your beverage. Grab a spot at the window, or pull up a chair outside. Drink in both the beverage and the sights around you! 

Solo travel self-care moment while enjoying a cup of coffee at Hotel Lido Seegarten in Lugano, Switzerland.

Take a Morning Stroll Before the City Wakes Up

In the quiet hours of the morning, even the busiest cities feel completely at peace. Walking in the fresh air throughout a nearly empty city is an incredible way to get your body moving and endorphins flowing. I find this to be such a stress reliever and a great way to explore the smallest and most beautiful details of a city.

Enjoying a quiet morning stroll in Locarno at Lake Maggiore in Switzerland.

Practice Meditating in a Beautiful Spot

Clearing your mind is one of the simplest yet most essential forms of self-care. While traveling solo, you may have a lot on your mind, from arranging transportation to planning out your entire itinerary alone. There are a lot of moving parts when organizing a trip. Once you arrive at a destination, I highly recommend taking some time to stop and just live in the moment. Your solo trip will pass you by quickly, and finding a beautiful spot to meditate is an incredible form of self-care. Find a quiet spot that speaks to you. This could be somewhere along the city’s riverbank, in one of its parks, or along the shoreline at the beach.


Treat Yourself to a Slow, Lazy Morning 

Fortunately or unfortunately, we’re so conditioned to always be on the go. Let your solo trip be an opportunity to change that. Take some time to give your body the rest that it needs. If you feel the urge to have every second of your day programmed while traveling, I advise you to take at least one slow, lazy morning – turn off that alarm! Rest will do wonders for your physical and mental health.


Simply Unplug and Unwind

I know, I know, many of us feel completely lost when we are disconnected. But sometimes, disconnecting from the outside world is the best medicine for the mind. Practice a day (or few hours) of self-care by unplugging. Resist the urge to ask for that Wi-Fi password when you head into a restaurant or explore an attraction. I have faith that you can do it, and you will feel so amazing afterward!

Self-Care Tips While Traveling Solo

Every single one of these self-care suggestions will help recharge and prioritize your well-being. Whether you choose to incorporate just one or want to try them all, including these in your itinerary is a must if you ask me! 

What do you do to prioritize your self-care while traveling solo? Share your favorite self-care activities in the comments below or on my Instagram post!

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