Lakefront Loveliness: A Review of Hotel Lido Seegarten

At the beginning of the year, I went back and forth to Ticino, Switzerland, to find my new dream home. During these months, I slept in many beautiful hotels (some were more beautiful than others). Some of them were on Lake Maggiore, in the Bellinzona area, and others around Lake Lugano. Of all the hotels I experienced, a few deserve to be described in more detail, especially this one. Today, I’m going to start with Hotel Lido Seegarten.

The Location, Location, Location

While there are many wonderful things about this family-owned hotel (with a 100-year history!), its location makes this property truly unique. Situated at the foot of Monte Brè, Hotel Lido Seegarten boasts one of the sunniest locations with the best sunset views. It is the only hotel in Lugano located directly on the lakeshore with its own access to the lake. In addition to personalized service, you’ll find breathtaking views at every turn. From the room balconies and pool to the bar and restaurant areas, beauty follows you everywhere.

Should you decide to arrive by boat, that’s no problem. The hotel has its own dock and with enough spaces for the hotel and restaurant guests. 

Soaking in the views from the famous gate at Lake Lugano.

Another perk of the location? The property is in close proximity to the city center (just a ten-minute walk). The stroll from the hotel is lovely as it winds down the lakeside, through a beautiful park, and along the Lugano lake promenade.

Walking along the lakeshore from the hotel to the Lugano city center.

The Views

Though my stay at Hotel Lido Seegarten was relatively early in my home-hunting journey, it made a significant impact! From the moment I stepped into the room, the fantastic view of the lake with its fresh air hit me. At that moment, I realized there was one thing I wanted – a home with a stunning lake view! From the room balcony, you can see nothing but the expansive blue of the lake against a mountainous backdrop. It’s the type of view that makes you forget all your thoughts and invites you to dream.

Waking up in the morning is just heavenly. You almost never want to leave your bed! I loved taking in the quiet lake scenery in the early morning. I watched peacefully as a duck swimming far below me on the smooth water quacked happily.

The breaktaking room views that inspired me at the Hotel Lido Seegarten.

The Rooms

I stayed on the upper level in a lake view room with a balcony. From my room, I had breathtakingly beautiful views of Lake Lugano, Monte San Salvatore, the little harbor, and the hotel pool. My husband and I had connecting rooms (we always sleep separately and take either two rooms in a suite or two rooms with a connecting door). The lake view rooms on the first floor offer a private panoramic terrace with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Each room is well-appointed with classic pastel-colored furniture and décor. The little in-room Nespresso coffee machine was a treat in the mornings. I loved making my coffee and sipping it on the picturesque balcony.

My morning coffee views at Hotel Lido Seegarten in Lake Lugano.

The Amenities

The hotel has quite a few delicious dining options on-site. The gourmet, Art Nouveau-style restaurant Rialto, was once the hotel’s antique ballroom. This elegantly decorated restaurant offers gorgeous views of the lake with a lovely outdoor area (in summer). I really enjoyed the elegant yet cozy atmosphere and delicious cuisine. They accommodated my special request for an order of green asparagus with butter and fresh parmesan cheese right away!

Another great gastronomy outlet is La Terrazza. This dining option is beautifully framed by palm trees and offers fabulous lakeside views of Monte San Salvatore.

Unfortunately, I cannot say much to help those of you who love buffet breakfast. If you know me at all, you know the only way I eat breakfast is if it is in bed J! (Which was particularly lovely here.) Is there a better way to start your day than breakfast in your PJs while soaking in amazing lake views?

The exterior of the lovely Hotel Lido Seegarten from the lakefront pool.

The Pool

The pool area provides guests another peaceful oasis. It also has direct access to the lake and a fantastic view of Lake Lugano. It is a picture-perfect spot to unwind in the summer.

Lake views from the pool deck. Those sunsets were so dreamy!

The Final Review

If you are planning a trip to Lake Lugano, Switzerland, I wholeheartedly recommend a stay at Hotel Lido Seegarten. Its views and location are enough, but coupled with the impeccable personalized service and the family-run attentiveness – it’s a great spot to stay! Have you ever been to Lake Lugano? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram!

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