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My Favorite Adventure Conscious Living

Life is beautiful, unpredictable, and so rewarding if you know where to look. Conscious living has been in my DNA since I can remember. It’s a part of me that’s present in every adventure and every day.

Conscious Living

I first noticed my passion for conscious living at 18 years old when I moved out to live in my own apartment in downtown Munich. It was the first time I really had to allocate my expenses. While many people my age spent their money on new clothes or a night out at the bar, I preferred to spend mine on organic foods.  Unfortunately, there were no dedicated organic supermarkets in 1995, so I picked mine from the small (yet expensive) assortment at the supermarket.! I mainly purchased vegetables, fruits, tofu, and special foods that would be called superfoods today.

Wandering through nature and living in the present moment.

Clean Eating

I’ve carried this desire for clean eating with me throughout my life, even on my travels around the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a vegetarian and have no intention of becoming one. I love trying local dishes and new cuisines! However, I ethically won’t eat chicken that isn’t organic. Any food you eat becomes part of your body (have you ever thought about food in that way?!). Organic foods and naturally grown ingredients have become standard as my passion for conscious living continues to expand. When it’s non-organic, all I can think about is the way it was harvested, especially animal proteins, where the animal lived in a non-natural or even painful way.


Conscious Living and Conscious Eating
Conscious eating and harvesting is incredibly important to me.

Alternative Treating

Alternative medicine has also been a regular presence in my life. Even as a toddler, my parents treated me with homeopathy, and it has stayed with me as the only appropriate type of medicine for me. I actually go on yearly medical fasting retreats as preventative care, both physically and mentally. (More to come on those soon!) Infusions and drip-feeding are part of the standard for me, not because I lack something (our bodies can lack vitamins and minerals which blood tests will show), but because I want to maintain my health and lovingly support my immune system. So, nowadays, you would probably say I’m on a path of “no-tox living,” but this state is so normal for me now, that I barely even think about it.

In a world based on consumption, how much we want to consume is a daily choice. I find great satisfaction and contentment in buying, consuming, and overall living consciously. The meaning is different for every individual, and I’m a firm believer that you must live in your own truth. I’ve become particularly passionate about the field of “conscious consumption,” and look forward to exploring it more alongside you in the coming months. I am far from reaching my goal, and I am aware that there are role models who are doing much more than I am in this area. However, small steps and conscious actions are the key.


Conscoius Living at one with nature
The little moments in nature are so beautiful, like this tree that appears to be hugging the tree next to it!

One small step you’ll notice is the amplified direction for this blog. While you’ll still see lots about my travels, as they’re a huge part of my life, you’ll start to see more about acting with intentionality, living consciously, and pursuing a life filled with gratitude.

I don’t want to just speak at you with my new conscious living blogs; I want to speak with you. I want to draw attention to something that’s important to me from the bottom of my heart and hopefully open your heart to the possibilities of it too.

Do you live consciously in your own way? Share some of your experiences below!

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