The Best Munich Christmas Markets

In many cold-weathered destinations, winter may feel a bit barren or even lifeless. However, in Munich, winter is quite the opposite. As the temperatures begin to drop, and the snow starts to fall, the city of Munich, Germany buzzes to life.

One of the signature signals of winter and the holiday season is the Munich Christmas Markets (Christkindlmarkt) that begin to pop up all around the city in late November. From mulled wine and music, to stocking stuffers and intricate gifts, you’ll find a world of treats displayed within the stalls of each one.

As it’s now officially November, I couldn’t help but start getting into the holiday spirit. Here’s your guide to the best Munich Christmas Markets!

Munich Christmas Markets_Marienplatz
Munich's most famous Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz.

The Best Christmas Markets in Munich

Unfortunately, the Christmas Markets have been canceled for this year due to COVID.


The biggest and most famous Christkindlmarkt (arguably in all of Germany) is located at the square in front of Munich’s city hall. This particular market traces its roots back to the 14th century. If nothing else, this market should be on your list for the beautifully decorated Christmas tree that sits in front of such a historic part of Munich. Get your camera ready!

I always visit this market every year to see the tree. Did you know it takes two days to install its 3,000 lights? This year, the tree is scheduled to go up on November 22! After Christmas ends, this market continues to stay open until the first week of the New Year! (After Christmas, though, it is viewed as a New Year’s Market instead.) This is especially fun for those of us who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the holiday season just yet! 

Marienplatz Christmas Market at Night
Those 3,000 lights give Marienplatz a festive glow.

Wittelsbacher Christkindlmarkt 

To find the festive lights of the Wittelsbacher Christkindlmarkt, you need to walk past the Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan and the famous Feldhernhalle, and take a left into Briennerstrasse. The first things you will spot are the twinkling lights and signature wooden huts. All elements of this market are an ode to the middle ages. Everything sold in this market (even the delicious food!) is inspired by that time period. All products are intentionally designed using natural materials. Even the live band plays lively music from this age!

Schwabing Christmas Market

If you’re into art and history, the Schwabing Christmas market is the ideal place for you. It was first founded in the 1970’s as a way for underrepresented artists to exhibit their masterpieces. There can be upwards of 100 exhibitors at any time, each one showcasing their talents with a unique style and flair.

A jury actually selects which artists will be allowed to exhibit their work, so you know the quality is absolutely spectacular. As you wander amongst the stalls, I highly suggest you take in the details of the craftsmanship. The intricacies of the art they’re selling are remarkable, and any piece you walk away with is a true work of art.  

Munich Christmas decorations
I love all the festive holiday decor you'll find throughout Munich.

Haidhauser Christkindlmarkt at Weißenburger Platz 

I really like the relaxing atmosphere you’ll find at this smaller neighborhood market. Many of Munich’s Christmas Markets are busy and buzzing with life (which is wonderful). However, sometimes you want to just wander around in and blend like a local. You can certainly do that at the Haidhauser Christkindlmarkt, which is spread around in a more intimate atmosphere at the fountain at Weißenburger Platz.

Christkindlmarkt in Kaiserhof der Residenz

Looking for a beautiful place to get into the holiday spirit? Located in the Munich City Palace courtyard, this market is a beautiful setting to do just that. This market is modeled like a traditional Bavarian village and even has an area that mimics the magical forest in the legend of Hansel and Gretel. If you’re searching for beautiful hand-blown glass gifts for the holidays, this is undoubtedly one of the best markets to find them in.

Residenz Christkindlmarkt
The Christmas Markets are even more welcoming at night - especially Residenz Christkindlmarket!

Christkindl Tram Ride

Whether you’re visiting Munich for the first time, or looking to experience the unique Christmas spirit of Munich with your loved ones, I highly recommend you try this tram ride! Hop on board and tour Munich in a Christmas-themed tram car. The ride lasts a little over 30 minutes and includes the following stops: Sendlinger Tor (entry and exit), Isartor, Maxmonument, Nationaltheater, Theatinerstraße, Lenbachplatz, Stachus, and back to Sendlinger Tor. Don’t forget to grab your warm cup of mulled wine and a gingerbread cookie for the ride!  

*With things constantly changing due to the pandemic, it’s important to always check that the attractions are open and operating before you go! 

Christmas decorations in Munich
Beautiful Munich buzzes to life over the holiday season.

The Way of K – Christmas Market Edition!


Bogner Fashion Store


Ok, ok, this one is not a Christmas Market, but it still had to be on my list! If you know me (even a little), you know I’m always on the hunt for the best spots for high-quality food, drinks, and ambiance. Each year at Bogner (a fashion store located at Residenzstraße 14-15.), you’ll find a single stall inside its courtyard for visitors and guests. Enjoy a red or white mulled Budureasca wine from a world-renowned winery in Romania. While this is just a single stall managed by Bogner, great care is taken to provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Plus, if you get hungry, you’re only 10 minutes away from my favorite Christmas market!  

Munich Christmas Markets Candles
My favorite purchases at the Christmas Markets are natural bee honey candles. Great gifts!

While there are many markets to see, these Munich Christmas Markets are my personal favorites. Each one of them brings the true spirit of Advent in Germany to life! Have you ever visited a European Christmas Market before? Let me know your favorite in the comments below or on my Instagram

And if you’re looking for other places to explore, check out my Insider’s Guide to Munich!

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