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My New Favorite Restaurants in Lake Como, Italy

When you think of a day trip, you probably think of a quick drive to a place with a fun activity or two to break up your everyday routine. This concept has been completely redefined for me in the best way. I would never have imagined that one day my favorite day trip would be to beautiful Como!

Como, Italy! Finally!

Como! I heard about this city my entire life, and now I live just 30 km away. My parents used to love to travel from Munich to Como for golf vacations. My dad purchased all his favorite shirts from a small local tailor there. My Italian husband has also always been very passionate about Lake Como. Yet, despite these connections, I never visited this area of Northern Italy. Now that I can experience this pretty little town as often as I wish, I’m definitely making up for lost time.

Since moving to Lugano, I have already been there four times. Each time, I’ve driven over from my new home to spend a couple of hours strolling around and indulging in the exquisite food and scenery in Como. It’s only fitting then that this next blog post is all about my latest culinary discoveries. I wanted to share these treats with you today (and I’m sure I’ll be adding many more places along the way)!

Exploring Lake Como
Exploring beautiful Lake Como, Italy - finally!

Delicious Gelato in Como

So, I just had to start by sharing the sweetest stop in Como so far – Gelab Gelateria! (It’s located on Via 5 Giornate 40). I have a love for excellent quality ice cream, and after a stop at this gourmet ice cream shop, you will too!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s easy to be drawn to an Italian ice cream parlor by bright ice cream colors piled high in a glass display case. Don’t be fooled by those cheerful colors!

When I walked by Gelab Gelateria on a chilly autumn day and saw their stainless-steel ice cream containers, I knew right away this was the quality I was looking for – no preservatives, additives, and other nasty ingredients.

Best Gelato in Como Gelab Gelateria
Indulge in delicious authentic gelato at Gelab Gelateria.

The menu at Gelab Gelateria is divided into ‘classic flavors’ and ‘gourmet flavors’. They use fresh, ripe fruits for the sorbets, and therefore, little to no added sugar is used. Vegan options are also available, and now, during the colder season, freshly baked cookies are coming out of the oven all the time. Can’t you just imagine all the good smells reaching the streets of Como?!

*Be sure to check out my Way of K tip about gelato below!

Authentic Gelateria in Como Italy
Fresh Italian gelato is always a treat!

Fine Dining Restaurants in Como, Italy


i Tigli in Theoria (Via Bianchi Giovini, 41)

i Tigli in Theoria is a one Michelin star, fine-dining restaurant with delicately (and deliciously) arranged entrees.

Tigli_Lake Como Italy
Feast your eyes (and stomach) on colorful plates and exquisite flavors at i Tigli.

Within the historic walls of the Palazzetto del Vescovo in Como, i Tigli in Theoria will inspire a passion for good food. The kitchen is full of finesse, and I love that you can choose between tasting menus and à la carte. The restaurant also features a beautiful courtyard, perfect for outdoor dining during the warmer summer season.

Tigli Restaurant Lake Como Italy
Whether you prefer a tasting menu or a la carte, there are many choices for all palates i Tigli.

Vintage Jazz (Via Olginati, 14)

In the heart of Como, Vintage Jazz Food & Wine, invites you to step back in time, ideal for a lively evening.

Cocktails at Vintage Jazz Restaurant
Fun cocktails and a lively atmosphere await at Vintage Jazz in Como, Italy.

Whether you’re craving classic salads, elevated tartars, or multi-course delights, there’s something for every palette at Vintage Jazz. You are guaranteed a truly well-rounded, full sensory experience from the tastes, sights, and smells, to the sounds and touches surrounding you.

Lake Como Italy Vintage Jazz Restaurant
The Le Tartare is a must at Como's Vintage Jazz Restaurant.

The Best Pastry Bakery in Como


Beretta il Fornaio (Via Mariano Tentorio, 20/22)

Since 1950, Beretta il Fornaio has produced baked goods and pastries for its communities and stores in Como and the surrounding province. Their specialty is in creating ‘Nuvola,’ or dough. Italian is a romantic language, and you’ll see many beautiful names given to traditional things. ‘Nuvola,” which means cloud, is the soft, fluffy, and tender dough used to create this delicious masterpiece. It is said that the Nuvola is the undisputed queen of desserts in Como. Its shape resembles a large plum cake, and it’s filled with drops of apricot jam. It makes for an especially great souvenir when you only have to take it 30km to your kitchen. Everyone back home will be incredibly thankful!

Lake Como Architecture
I can't wait to show you more of beautiful Como!

The Way of K:

So I just HAD to give you a KdL insider tip about Italian gelato. Ice cream that’s in a stainless-steel bucket or displayed with a cover is ALWAYS superior. Don’t let those ice cream mountains of bright colors fool you. This storage is not only more sanitary, but it helps ensure the inside temperature remains stable. It should be an immediate indication of quality for you!

See You Soon, Como!

This was just your first taste of some amazing dining spots and restaurants in Lake Como. Stay tuned as I share more guides and tips from my day trips there on my blog and my Instagram.

A special thank you to  @chiara.assi for sharing some of her Como food photos for the blog!

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