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Setting Intentions in the New Year

As 2021 winds to a close and we prepare to begin a new year, new beginnings are on everyone’s minds. Ending one year feels like an accomplishment for some, while beginning a new one offers much-needed hope for others. Hope for fewer restrictions, less destruction, more freedom and less energy spent on things that aren’t important.

And at the turn of the year comes this whole idea of New Year’s resolutions. While I know creating resolutions is a popular practice, it’s something I’ve never done. Maybe it’s because I have such strong discipline in most aspects of my life, or maybe it’s because any desires I have that are unfulfilled or unmanifested would not be fixed because there was a resolution for it.

In case you use the two terms interchangeably, I wanted to share that they are, in fact, quite different.

Setting Resolutions vs. Setting Intentions

Do you know the differences between these two terms? (If you ever see anyone using them incorrectly, give them a gentle reminder and direct them to this blog!)

Resolutions are specific goals that you set for yourself. Heading into a new year, you know whatever you choose, you will either achieve it or fail. There is very little grey area in between. You either make it by the end of the year and check that resolution off your list, or you miss it, and perhaps recraft it into a slightly different resolution for the next year. Resolutions almost always set you up for failure because they don’t leave room for the elements that are out of your control. 

On the other hand, intention-setting is about shifting our mindsets to achieve our desires. Intentions leave space for the Universe to unfold. Yes, we must still take action toward our desired outcomes, but intentions allow room for the magic of the Universe and the help of the unseen and Spirit.

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Resolutions do not work for so many as they are not in line with the true being of a person. Too often, people set intentions that please society’s standards. The best example I can think of is the popular resolution to have a perfect or better body. If your resolution is based on unhelpful standards of inhuman perfection, chances are, you’ll never feel good about it. However, if the intention is to improve wellbeing or overall health, simply walking in nature or through the park satisfies that desire. Yes, it will not give you a supermodel body, but it will create much-needed balance, wellbeing, and improved health. You must feel it within you.

How to Set Intentions

Louise Hay’s teachings about positive affirmations are so aligned with setting intentions. This quote is particularly meaningful:

“Think thoughts that make you happy. Do things that make you feel good. Be with people who make you feel good. Eat things that make your body feel good. Go at a pace that makes you feel good.”

Sometimes we hold ourselves to impossible and unproductive standards of human perfection when we could simply connect with what feels good to us.

Instead, eliminate any limiting beliefs and lean into positive affirmations.

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When you set intentions, you must start with your desire. Ask yourself, WHAT do I want, and WHY do I want it?

While we may know that we do not want to be overweight, as an example, we must change our perspectives to what it is that we DO want. Shift our thoughts into this new story. Maybe it’s:

I want to be more flexible and have a straighter body posture, therefore, I integrate movement into my daily life.

By setting intentions, we create more of what we think. Entertaining thoughts like I am too heavy, or I do not like my body, will never lead you to your desired outcome. Instead, mold those into an affirmation like, “I am a healthy, flexible person. I release resistance about healthy nutrition and exercise. It is easy to take care of myself every day.”

I personally live through affirmations. I do this for everything in my life.

It is important to recognize that through this approach to life, we aren’t just telling our story of how things are now, we’re paving the way for our future experiences as well.

Setting Intentions for the New Year

My energy for 2022 is, “Love me well or leave me alone!”

I want to connect with people who encourage me to shine my light rather than try to dim it.

My fulfillment lies on the inside. My connection to my heart and soul is my everyday motivation. We live in a spiritually deficient culture. It’s almost like we have developed a kind of mystical amnesia.

It is not always a smooth ride to follow your soul’s path, but it’s safe to be fearless. Fear is part of my life, especially the fear of leaving my comfort zone. I go my way even when everything tells me to turn back.

Just look at the beautiful journey I’ve taken by living intentionally. I recently moved to a mountain top in Switzerland to escape an agonized, aggressive, and far from soul-connected society where people hardly dared to breathe. I trust that my heart is leading me.

Are you stuck on what intentions to set for this new year? Think beyond just tangible or physical desires to your inner ones. You can set powerful intentions for the mind, body, and spirit. Create a vision for yourself, and passionately pursue whatever brings you joy.

Continue to remind yourself of your intentions and hold yourself accountable to them throughout the year. Use positive affirmations to guide you back in your desired direction if you stray.

As we begin a new year, it’s time to trust in what’s meant for us and move towards it with an open, strong heart and peaceful mind. You can certainly acknowledge lower frequencies such as fear or doubt when they arise inside us or are projected onto us from others; however, do not give these emotions a foothold in our hearts.

The Way of K:

I wanted to leave you with a ritual my husband and I have had for as long as I can remember. We write something we want to let go on a small piece of paper. Years ago, we would wrap it around a small firework and shoot it into the night during New Year’s Eve. Now, out of respect for the environment and air pollution, we do not shoot fireworks, but we still keep our tradition of burning a paper message just in our fireplace or in a candle. If you’re struggling this year, I highly recommend trying this beautiful and soul-freeing tradition. It just may give you the clarity you need.

What are you most excited about in the New Year? Let me know in the comments below, or connect with me on Instagram!

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