FX Mayr Fasting Cure and Fasting Detox


The F.X. Mayr Fasting Detox

The F.X. Mayr fasting cure is an immune-system-boosting fasting detox. It’s a way of healthy living and a phenomenal means to clear the mind. (I also consider it the best body detox!) When I did my first F.X. Mayr fast 20 years ago, tea fasting was the most common introduction to fasting. During this type of fasting detox, you only drink water and herbal tea as well as a vegetarian broth during the mornings for minerals.

My Introduction to Fasting Detoxes 

For those who do not want to do tea fasting, the regular fasting cure starts with a small breakfast, and a veggie soup for lunch

My breakfast included goat yogurt, keto bread, soft goat cheese and linseed oil, and a New Year’s treat (spelt piggy for good luck).

I do always skip dinner, so the fasting interval between the small and very light lunch (vegetable soup) and the small breakfast is always about 19 hours. A veggie soup is available for the guests who prefer to eat dinner or who’s body composition is better-suited for a light dinner. All ingredients consumed during the cure are organic and from local farmers when possible. Today, this is also known as interval fasting.

When my doctor first told me about tea fasting, I had no idea how it would work or how I would feel.

I was a slim 20-year-old who always believed in living a healthy lifestyle. How was I now supposed to do a liquid detox of only herbal teas, water, and a morning vegetable broth for three days? I was already a little worried about this idea!

One of my daily veggie soups for lunch during the cure.

Instead of starvation, like I expected, what I experienced was mind-blowing and took my consciousness to the next level. I had a real fasting high, and since that first experience, I’ve done the F.X. Mayr fasting cure almost every year (and sometimes twice per year!) 

How can I best describe this fasting high? It’s the closest feeling to pure bliss, at least in my perception. I am happy when I am fasting and living a healthy lifestyle! Happy through and through! Light in my thoughts, connected to the divine.

During my free time when I’m fasting, I love to hike and explore nature.

So, what exactly is this F.X. Mayr fasting cure? Let me explain.

F.X. Mayr Fasting Cure Defined

Doctor F.X. Mayr invented his signature fasting cure more than 100 years ago. Through his research, he discovered that the key to a healthy and beautiful life was through a healthy intestine. 

He grew up in rural Styria, Austria where he closely observed nature, even as a boy. He was particularly fond of cows and studied the digestion of these pasture chewers.

Today, many classify the F.X. Mayr fasting cure as part of the interval fasting detox family. It may be a simple term, but it helps others understand this complex cure. I also classify it as the best body detox! Here’s how it works.

I also love feeling connected to nature during my annual fasting detox.

How The F.X. Mayr Fasting Detox Works

The premise of this fasting cure is simple. If the entire digestive process – from chewing in the mouth to initial digestion in the stomach and later the intestine – runs perfectly, then, at the end of the intestine, the body produces serotonin. So, yes, fasting is a full-fledged holistic and powerful antidepressant!

For me, an essential part of the F.X. Mayr fasting cures is knowledge! Holistic medical knowledge. I do this fast every year at either Hotel Spanberger or Park Igls. The fasting hotels offer lectures by captivating doctors, and I haven’t missed one!!! I love soaking up this unconventional essence as if it were food.

Especially when I first started 20 years ago, this knowledge was not available to everyone. Sometimes I was skeptical about what these doctors brought to lecture about holistic medicine; I could not check the source, and there was almost nothing about it on TV or in magazines.

As the years went by, I noticed that the knowledge of holistic medicine I had learned years before at those doctors’ lectures made it into the mainstream media. This knowledge is a real treasure for me!

Fasting is the most powerful soul cleanser and anti-depressant.

The Benefits of The F.X. Mayr Fasting Cure

This fasting detox is meant to be preventative and also curative. Due to the low food intake, the body consumes very little energy for digestion. The increased energy available for the body is then used for healing, regeneration, and detoxification. These processes benefit the sick and the healthy. Foci of inflammation are often present before symptoms appear, which is another reason why the F.X. Mayr fasting cure is such an excellent preventive health treatment.

I feel so fortunate to be able to use the F.X. Mayr fasting cure as a form of self-care and prevention.

Thank God, I have never had any physical complaints and use the F.X. Mayr fasting cure for preventive self-care and maintenance. It helps me keep my mental balance stable. I simply call it – a cure for happiness!

There are so many reasons a fasting detox benefits your body and your soul. You can find an incredible amount of information about the F.X.Mayr program from this hotel that I stayed at about 15 times over the past two decades. This hotel also has great information about the fasting retreat (I’ve stayed here quite a few times as well!). 

Post-fast lunches at the hotel are scrumptious, and the flavors are appreciated even more.

What questions do you have about this fasting detox or living a healthy lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram.

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