An Egyptian Oasis by the Red Sea: Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

After 20 years and over 300 nights-worth of stays, it’s safe to say the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh offers nothing short of pure travel bliss. 

I first discovered this resort in 2003 after having dinner there with my husband while staying at a nearby hotel. After flying home from our week-long vacation, I was so drawn to the beauty of the resort that I flew back alone, checked in, and spent the next three weeks there as a solo traveler. 

From the breathtaking resort to the wondrous diving in the Red Sea, my love for this special place has never waned. The Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh is on my itinerary every year, and here’s why!

Discover Egypt’s Hidden Gem in Sharm El Sheikh

If you’re looking for a slow travel destination that offers the perfect balance of luxury and adventure, there’s no need to search for other Four Seasons hotel reviews – the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh is the place to be! Out of all of the hotels in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt, I always come back to Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh time and time again. It’s unmatched! 

The service, the amenities, the sights, and the diving center all create a sense of luxury that can’t be surpassed. The Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh sits atop a hillside where the desert meets the sea. As you walk throughout the resort, sweeping sea views and tall palm trees sway in the ocean breeze. When you’re here, you really don’t need to leave the resort at all. 

When I was younger, I used to go out at night to the clubs in Naama Bay, but in more recent years, I tend to spend most of my time at the resort. I might not leave the resort at all for three weeks (or sometimes a little longer!) I truly feel this is a pure form of slow travel. Plus, why would you need to leave when this resort has everything you need and more?

The only time I leave the resort is when I head out on my dive trips in the Red Sea (this is all organized by the resort, and you don’t have to go far!) During my stay, I like to dive every day, sometimes as often as three times a day (water is healing for me.) On the days I don’t feel like diving, which doesn’t happen very often, I’ll rest and relax at the spa or spend the day at the MK beach. There are two glistening beaches on the resort just waiting to be explored.

Recharge in the Rooms

On my most recent trip to the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh, I stayed in an exquisite room in the new hotel extension. Out of the different room categories of the new extension, my personal recommendation is the Premier Sea View Room. This room has a terrific view of the Red Sea that you can enjoy on the balcony or terrace. 

As the largest Four Seasons in the world with 52 luxury one or two-bedroom suites, you’ll be sure to find your own taste of elegance. As for the original part of the hotel, my go-to has always been the Junior Suite. The suites are elegant, with a serene comfort thoughtfully designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Explore the Wonders of the Red Sea 

The main reason I return to this resort year after year is for the spectacular Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh diving center (read more about my experience recreational diving at the resort!). Did you know that Sharm El Sheikh is considered Egypt’s diving capital? There are a total of 76 dive sites in the area where divers are free to explore the deep wonders of the Red Sea. 

If you’re looking for a luxurious diving experience, this is the best resort to do so! Seeing the amazing sea life and coral reefs leave me feeling connected to the peaceful underwater world. 

Not only are the dives amazing, but the staff goes above and beyond to ensure they’re unforgettable. Riham, the general manager of the diving center, always makes sure my diving trips are a dream. (It’s a big part of why I continue to return to the resort year after year!)

Depending on availability, you also have the option to spend full days on the Virginia Yacht. Take a day trip to Ras Mohamed National Park with up to three dives. Private boat charters are also available to explore the Red Sea on your own terms. When you head out on your dive journeys, you’ll set sail aboard RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) that get you comfortably and quickly to your dive destinations.

Slow Travel Tips for a Relaxing Getaway

When I’m searching for ways to embrace slow travel, it comes with silence and relaxation. This means eliminating disturbances like traffic noise or crowded tourist area stressors. So how do you plan the perfect vacation with slow travel in mind? Here’s how I do so when I visit the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Don’t Overbook Your Itinerary

If I want to visit a special sight, I understand that’s when I may leave my slow travel bubble, however, I’ll still plan my day in a calm way, focusing on visiting that one main attraction and not trying to squeeze too much into my itinerary. This way, I can focus and get completely lost in the magnificence of the moment.

Find Your Own Path to Relaxation

Everyone has their own way of finding peace and relaxation on their vacation. Sometimes that looks like me sitting quietly atop a mountain, other times it’s in my oasis at a luxury resort. Whatever you choose to fill your time with, as long as it allows you to truly and intentionally relax, that’s what counts.

Practice Mindful Eating

Food can also stress us out when traveling by overwhelming our digestive systems with different rhythms and unfamiliar foods. After a full day of travel, I usually skip going out for dinner and eat something light in my room to adjust. Become mindful of the foods that are good for you. The Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh has a wonderful selection of dining options to rebalance your appetite. 

Stay True to What Makes Your Heart Happy

When I make my annual trip to the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh, it’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of real life for absolute relaxation. The perfect combination of impeccable service and warm hospitality brings me to an idyllic state of being. Sure, my everyday life back home in Switzerland is beautifully quiet and relaxing, with  mountains and nature surrounding me. But at the Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh, I have something I don’t at home—all-around pampering services with the added bonus of the resort’s beauty and natural wonders that it embodies. That’s what will have me coming back for many more years to come!

To learn more about my adventures and slow traveling tips, follow my Instagram. I’ll continue posting more blogs along the way, so stay tuned and follow along with me here!

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