7 Tips for Capturing Authentic Content While Traveling

Traveling is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime. But how do you capture those memories in a way that will be just as memorable? Whether through videos, photos, or blogging, creating authentic content helps those moments stay frozen in time for anyone, but especially you to return to over and over again. 

Today, I’ll be sharing some tips for capturing memories authentically while traveling and still staying in the moment. I’m all about choosing travel experiences that align with who I am. (And if you want to see what I mean, be sure to check out my travel content throughout this blog and on Instagram!)

Why Capturing Authentic Content Matters

Authentic content is what will stick with your audience. And if you want to make an impact as a travel content creator, especially, authenticity is the way to go! Did you know 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support?

Authentic social media content creates connection and conversation. The purpose of social media platforms is to connect with others, so why not be yourself while doing what you love and exploring the world? Staying true to yourself, especially while sharing your travel content, draws others in with similar values to you. They feel connected to you and your travels, even though you’re sharing them through a small screen. Trying to be anyone other than yourself will only hinder your happiness and success as a travel content creator in the future.

Those beautifully curated feeds and filters are out, and authentic content is in! Isn’t it more engaging to have raw, in-the-moment content? Travel doesn’t always go to plan, and it’s refreshing to see things as they happen. A skilled social media content creator knows how to capture and share that authenticity in their content.

How to Create Travel Content: Tips from a Travel Social Media Content Creator

It’s hard to put myself into this category – social media content creator? I just love sharing my experiences! And I think that’s what makes my travel content so much fun to create and watch. As I connect with my audience, I get questions about this topic, so I’m excited to share a few of my best tips for creating content for travel:

1. Capture Moments, Not Just Photos

The best travel Instagram accounts post authentic content to their feeds and stories. Instagram stories are meant to capture spontaneous moments; they’re my favorite way to show genuine content. Reels are such a great way to compile an entire day of experiences into a bite-sized video that you want to watch over and over.

2. Let Go of Perfection

You don’t have to be perfect! In fact, you shouldn’t be! I love capturing moments for my community of course, but it’s also for me. I love looking back on my travels, and I want to remember all of the moments as they were. Being a travel content creator can come with the pressure of everything looking perfect. That’s just not me! I want to watch my travel videos and be taken back to that moment, even if I was stressed or upset. Everything that happened was part of my journey! 

3. Find Unique Angles

I find it fun to play with angles when shooting travel content! Learning the best camera angles may be time-consuming, but try it out and see what you like. Here are a few ideas:

  • Negative space: Include more of the area the main subject isn’t using
  • High angles: Bird’s-eye view, commonly shot with a drone (you can also get great shots from balconies or rooftop bars!)
  • Frames within frames: Use multiple frames in one shot to provide more depth
  • Zoom-in or zoom-out: Create a bigger scene and toggle between sped up or slowed down for more effect

Putting it all together in a video or photo carousel allows me to relive the moment and even see things differently than I did while capturing the footage.

4. Use Natural Light

Sun is so important for our skin, souls, and happiness! Don’t forget to leverage the natural light to take photos and videos too. It brightens everything up and reduces the need for editing. And you know how I feel about editing! Natural lighting allows you to shoot pure content for travel that comes across as genuine (because it is!).

5. Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a powerful form of content. It creates an emotional connection between you and your audience, especially if they can relate to your experiences. When you’re thinking about how to create travel content, focus on storytelling. Tell short stories on social media about a specific experience or explain the entire trip in long-form content, like a blog post. Think about a beginning, middle, and end, and show your authenticity throughout. 

6. Focus on People, Culture, and Landscapes

Experiencing a new culture is one of my favorite things about traveling. Creating authentic content is all about showcasing the region’s people, culture, and landscape. You’ll be introduced to new experiences and ideas no matter where you go. That makes for the best travel content!

7. Be Flexible

Things don’t always go to plan, and that’s okay! We all have to change plans at the last minute, especially while traveling. Sometimes it ends up being the best thing that could have happened! Be flexible with your plans and focus on capturing memories no matter what you’re doing.

Make the Most of the Moment and Your Travel Content 

How do you feel?! Ready to get out there and explore the world? Ready to start capturing authentic content while traveling?

Traveling is a privilege, and showing your experiences authentically will help you become one of the best travel Instagram accounts. Authenticity over perfection, always!

I believe in doing things that fill your cup and choosing travel experiences that authentically align with who you are in the first place. Natural and authentic content will make you feel fulfilled, and it’ll simultaneously create better connections that attract more aligned followers. If this speaks to you, follow me on Instagram and my blog!

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