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Welcome to the Kathrin di Lauro Voyages travel blog! My hope is to inspire solo travelers to chase their greatest travel dreams, no matter where they may lead.

Explore my latest travel articles and get insider tips about solo travel, wellness retreats, luxury hotels in Europe, couples adventure travel, and much more. Get ready to spread your wings and fly into new adventures filled with exhilarating moments, luxurious experiences, and unforgettable encounters. I promise, you’ll love the infinite number of possibilities that await you on the road ahead.

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We celebrate International Women's Day annually on March 8th to commemorate the achievements of women throughout history. It’s a day to reflect on the progress women have made while also recognizing that there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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I happen to find vegan baking very exciting, especially this blueberry vegan muffin recipe. I’ll let you in on a little secret. This vegan muffin recipe for oatmeal muffins is really just Muesli in muffin form. Except for the maple syrup and coconut oil, they are just as healthy as a muesli bowl - but so much better and so much more enjoyable! The subtle cinnamon in this recipe, and the scent that fills the room while baking them, make them a perfect weekend breakfast.

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Peaceful mind, peaceful soul, peaceful life. When you’re able to ground yourself to achieve inner peace, everything else seems to fall in place around you.

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“What if we stopped letting the things that scare us about solo travel hold us back and used them instead to fuel our journeys forward? Turn that apprehension into action, and just get out there!”

– Kathrin di Lauro

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Of all the hotels I experienced in Lake Lugano, a few deserve to be described in more detail, especially this one. Today, I’m going to start with Hotel Lido Seegarten. Here's my review!

Sofia, is a city I’ve had the privilege of visiting quite often. Though my trips there may initially fall into the couples travel category, I end up really feeling like a solo traveler. It’s allowed me to really get to know beautiful Sofia, and I hope you too will be using this solo travel guide to Sofia!

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At 14 years old, on my first solo travel trip to Florence, I was too young to notice the life-changing shift happening before my eyes. (Or, maybe I was just too focused on Italian boys and the delicious fresh seafood!) Thirty years and hundreds of trips later, alongside a growing audience of like-minded women through this blog, I continue to traverse the globe to find unique experiences that everyone, especially female solo travelers, should experience. My destiny was waiting for me on my first adventure, is yours? More about me >

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