My Travels to Switzerland A Ski Getaway in Madulain and St. Moritz Needs to Be on Your Bucket List

Are you planning to travel to Switzerland in the near future? You’ve landed on the right travel blog. As a solo traveler, I’m constantly seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences, and boy did I find one when I finally reached Madulain, Switzerland. While there are many beautiful Swiss cities to choose from, if you’re an avid skier, this quaint village is a must.


The Breathtaking Road Through Switzerland

When you arrive in Madulain, you enter a world that feels like a journey back in time. Getting there is an adventure in itself. I feel incredibly fortunate to live in Munich, Germany, which is within driving distance to Switzerland. While many countries in the Alps region are closed to tourism due to the pandemic, Switzerland travel restrictions are less stringent, allowing tourism and ski infrastructure to remain open. With barely a glimpse, the border police waved me through, and my magical adventure began.

When you travel to Switzerland, nothing beats the mountain-top views in the Swiss Alps.

From the moment I crossed that border into Switzerland, I felt an insatiable sense of freedom. I loved my first stop on the car train “Rhätische Bahn” in Vereina, Switzerland. I found the 18-minute ride through the dark tunnel incredibly peaceful and used it as a mid-trip meditation break. At the end of the tunnel in Sagliains, the road takes you through a breathtakingly beautiful valley toward St. Moritz, one of the most luxurious ski destinations in the world. The scenery that surrounds you along the way is nothing short of mesmerizing. The glistening snow of the Swiss Alps, the unique valley in the heart of Engadin, the surrounding natural beauty – you’ll bear witness to all of this before you even reach those mountain tops to ski!


The Welcoming Arrival in Madulain

I was blown away immediately upon my arrival in Madulain. You’re instantly greeted by a timeless village with authentic charm. It will only take a few minutes to discover why this gem in the heart of the Alps has been referred to as one of the most enchanting villages of Switzerland.

Until I stumbled upon the traditional Engadin houses, I didn’t realize it was possible to fall in love so fast. Their deep, small windows, the authentic decor made with natural materials, every element of those surroundings exude the Engadin traditions and warm hospitality. The clear respect for natural resources is visibly woven in its architecture and customs.

The captivating scenery in Zuoz, Switzerland is just a 4km walk from Madulain.

The Charming Accommodations

While in Madulain, I stayed in the 13-room hotel Chesa Stuva Colani. As I walked through the doors of this intimate, boutique hotel, I knew immediately it would be a place where I would find peace of mind and experience the harmony, power, and beauty of its natural surroundings. The Rossi family hosts you at Chesa Colani with open arms. It’s an incredibly historic, fully restored, 17th-century home. The property’s one-of-a-kind design features larch wood floors and ceilings, and Swiss stone pine and brushed spruce for the walls. The custom, modern furniture, the original art pieces, and the beauty of the soapstone used for the bathrooms celebrate the local environment and artisan culture.

Every room is unique and combines comfort with style in a warm atmosphere. The first thing I noticed when entering my Junior Suite was the calming scent of its natural wood.

To be honest, I’m not an easy sleeper, and typically need much comfort in my bedroom to feel at ease while traveling. I felt that and more at Chesa Colani. I managed to experience a fully restorative, heavenly sleep during all seven nights of my stay thanks to the high-quality mattress, down duvet, soft bed linens, and luxurious bathrobe.  

My charming accommodations at Madulain's Hotel Colani.

The Delectable Cuisine

There are two restaurants in the hotel Chesa Colani, both managed by renowned Italian chef, Paolo Casanova. His passion for food and hospitality is innate. His grandfather and father were owners of a hotel in the Dolomites Alps while his grandmother and mother were kitchen chefs. He always felt a strong desire to open his own restaurant, which led him to Switzerland’s Chesa Stüva Colani in 2016.

The incredibly talented Chef Paolo Casanova serving up delicious, locally inspired cuisine.
“It is a place to come, share experiences, food, drink, and just have a great time,” says Paolo.

In 2020, Paolo gained his first Michelin star and became Discovery of the Year 2020 for Gault Millau. At both restaurants, Paolo approaches his unique dishes with creativity and focuses on providing premium freshness and taste. He uses local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible from the nearby farmers and producers he’s bonded with.


The Chesa Stüva Colani is a small, 30-seat gourmet restaurant. Its four separate rooms create independent areas for guests to cozily dine. This restaurant boasts 1-Michelin star and should be included in every Switzerland travel guide. Here, you’re guaranteed to experience perfect execution in taste and presentation. Don’t miss out on the dynamic wine list with more than 200 labels.

Beautiful presentations and exquisite flavors from Chef Paolo Casanova.


Colani Bistrot is a more down-to-earth, family-oriented eatery with straightforward dishes perfect for lovers of good food. (Plus, it’s open daily from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm.) Grab a spot at the 9-meter-long bar counter, and enjoy an aperitivo or an after-dinner drink. Indulge in a refreshing signature cocktail (or cocktails – no one will judge!) paired with small bites or oysters.


The Unrivaled Skiing in St. Moritz

Corviglia in nearby St. Moritz is the birthplace of Alpine winter sports. Winter tourism started here more than 150 years ago. It’s abundantly clear why St. Moritz is one of the best winter sports regions in the world. It has been the host city for the Winter Olympic Games and Alpine Ski World Championships with 87 ski trails (pistes) of World Cup-quality standards. The skiing is so incredible, that it deserves its own post. (Coming soon!)

It’s no secret that the combination of incredible Alpine scenery, intimate accommodations, and delectable cuisine in Madulain stole my heart. I can say whole-heartedly, this destination should be included in every Switzerland travel itinerary.  

Is your dream to travel to Switzerland? In Madulain, dreams do come true.

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