The Best Places to Visit When Traveling Solo in Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany, is one of the greatest female solo travel destinations in the world. (And I’m not just saying this because it’s the city I currently call home!) Munich is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 safest cities to visit and has a plethora of activities that are easily accessible by walking or biking. If you’re planning on traveling solo in the near future, I highly suggest you consider Munich as one of your main stops. I can almost guarantee you it will become one of your favorites!

There are an incredible number of attractions, restaurants, and green spaces here in Munich. While it means there’s lots to choose from for your Munich itinerary, it may also make the planning process feel a bit overwhelming. Here’s my solo travel guide of must-see places for your next adventure to Munich, Germany.

Your Munich Germany Travel Guide: 10 Must-See Attractions

As the third-largest city in Germany, Munich is certainly not a destination short of historic architecture, unique activities, and beautiful spots. Here are some you absolutely must see during your trip.

1.  Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten, or English Garden, is my favorite place to spend time when I’m home in Munich. It is one of the largest urban parks in the world, and biking there brings me a level of happiness I have never been able to replicate anywhere else. This scenic park is rooted in true history. It was established back in 1789 and has many special areas. Stop by its four beer gardens, or watch surfers (yes, surfers!) catch a wave along one of the park’s streams. There are many photogenic areas of the park, including the charming Japanese teahouse and the Monopteros hill-top temple.

The Monopteros hill-top temple is one of my favorite areas of Englischer Garten.

2. Alter Peter Church

Walk amongst history and catch my favorite panoramic views of Munich at Alter Peter Church. When I’m traveling solo, I always try to start with attractions that give me a good view of the entire city I’m about to spend days or weeks exploring. There’s nothing like experiencing a destination from above before exploring it in-depth down below. If you’re like me, this is one of the first places you should stop in Munich. It’s a bit of a hike to reach the top of the tower (around 300 steps). Be prepared to be out of breath from both the stairs and the view at the top. Not only can you see all of Munich in its glory, but you can also peek at the Alps on a clear day!

The stunning views of Munich, Germany Views from the top of Alter Peter Church.

3. The Munich Zoo

I’m a big fan of the Munich Zoo Hellabrunn, another unique and historic attraction perfect for a Munich solo travel itinerary. The zoo, which was founded in 1911, was the first geographically organized zoo in the world. It is a beautiful place to wander around. All the animals are kept in spacious habitats, and the scenery at the zoo is just lovely.


4. Viktualienmarkt

The origins of this market trace back to the early 1800s. Viktualienmarkt is one of my favorite locations in the old town area. This outdoor market combines the old with the modern. It is the best place for both tourists and locals alike to go fresh grocery shopping. From pantry staples to exotic delicacies, this 140-stall market has everything you could need. (And if you don’t need anything for your accommodations, it’s just a great place to walk around and people watch!)


5. The River Isar

The refreshing water flowing through the River Isar originates from the beautiful Alps. This destination allows everyone living in the city center to step out of the buzzing city life for a few moments and indulge in genuine nature along the river banks. If you visit Munich in the summer months, you must add swimming in the Isar River to your bucket list. It is an absolutely delightful experience and is the perfect way to cool down after a day of exploring. Relax on the shoreline, indulge in a picnic, or bike along the 300-km of tracks. If you ask me, this 294-km long river is what makes Munich one of the most desirable cities in Germany.

Relax on the shoreline of one of the many River Isar channels flowing through the city.

6. Nymphenburg Palace

When you step on the grounds of the former summer residence of the Bavarian monarchs, you will immediately feel like royalty. I highly recommend you explore both inside and outside the Nymphenburg Palace. Within its walls, you’ll bear witness to the richness of Munich’s artistry and history at a number of internal museums. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to explore the grounds outside as well. The gardens of Versailles in Paris actually inspired the design of the extensive surrounding park. 


7. Marienplatz

The very center of Munich is home to one of its most beautiful plazas. Here you can find the picturesque Town Hall with its world-famous, 43-bell Glockenspiel (Cuckoo Clock). This area is truly the heartbeat of Munich, and its streets are bustling with life at virtually every time of day. In this area, you’ll never feel alone.

Wander through the City Center and heartbeat of Munich, Germany.

8. Friedenengel Monument 

Translating to “Angel of Peace,” the Friedenengel Monument is ideal for catching beautiful Munich sunset views from above the city. Head up the two flights of steps to the observation deck to get a closer look at the monument, its water fountain, and beautiful city backdrop.


 9. Odeonsplatz

Odeonsplatz is another central and historic square you’ll want to explore on your solo trip in Munich, Germany. This area is home to the Bavarian ministry buildings and other historic architecture. From a cultural perspective, Odeonsplatz is perhaps best known as the location for many musical events and concerts throughout the year.


10. Hofgarten

Right behind Odeonsplatz, you’ll find Hofgarten. It is a metropolitan green area ideal for leisurely strolls with plenty of paths and fountains. It’s the perfect place to grab a delicious cup of coffee or tea to-go and park yourself on a bench to admire the beauty of the Hofgarten and the Munich lifestyle. At its center, you’ll find the charming Diana Temple gazebo. This is one of my favorite small parks in Munich to unwind, enjoy a warm beverage at leisure, and soak in my surroundings.

When you step on the grounds of the former summer residence of the Bavarian monarchs, you will immediately feel like royalty. I highly recommend you explore both inside and outside the Nymphenburg Palace. Within its walls, you’ll bear witness to the richness of Munich’s artistry and history at a number of internal museums. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to explore the grounds outside as well. The gardens of Versailles in Paris actually inspired the design of the extensive surrounding park. 

Munich is the perfect city to discover via bicycle. I love exploring the city on my bike!

Transportation Tips – Travel like a Local

When trying to make your way around the city, my recommendation is to bike, bike, bike! Munich is the ideal city to discover via bicycle. It is an incredibly bike-friendly destination with designated paths everywhere. (Just make sure if you’re exploring by foot, you don’t accidentally wander into the bikeways, as the bikers will likely get quite angry. You’ll know this from the excessive ringing of their bells!) The Bike-Rikscha services, or multi-person bike tours, are also very common in Munich. It really is a great way for solo travelers to meet new people while sightseeing in the city in a unique, fun way.

We do have an extensive subway system in Munich. However, I recommend not spending the time to try and understand the ticket/pricing system. Don’t feel bad; many of us locals still do not understand it! If you still feel compelled to ride it, I recommend just purchasing a day ticket.


Where to Stay in Munich, Germany

There are many beautiful hotels and apartment rentals in Munich. I can’t possibly recommend just one property or brand. However, when it comes to deciding where to stay in Munich, I ALWAYS encourage solo travelers to sleep as close as possible to the city center. I promise you don’t want to lose that transportation time. Every minute is precious, especially when you’re traveling solo. I recommend choosing one of these four neighborhoods to rest your head at the end of your incredibly fulfilling days in Munich:

  • Altstadt
  • Lehel
  • Heidhausen
  • Alt-Bogenhausen (where I live!)


Traveling Solo in Munich Germany

Munich is one of the best female solo travel destinations, and for a good reason. The city itself is walkable, incredibly safe, and filled with exciting activities. Plus, more than half of the city’s residents live in single-person households. Follow this guide to make the most of your solo travel adventure in Munich! Is my city on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram page.

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