Solo Travel Essentials: 11 Things to Pack for Your Next Solo Trip

The time has finally come to take off on that solo trip you’ve been dreaming of! Now that you’re mentally prepared to embark on this next adventure, it’s time to prepare physically. I used to struggle with packing for trips. It was always challenging for me to decide what I really needed for my journey and what I could leave at home. But, after decades of traversing the globe, I now have the packing process down to an exact science.

Let my experiences traveling solo be your guide in this unchartered territory. In today’s #TravelTuesday post, I am sharing some of my favorite solo travel essentials. (I highly recommend you pack all of them for your next solo trip!)

11 Solo Travel Essentials

While every traveler will undoubtedly develop their own set of must-haves for their travels, these 11 essentials are ones I never leave home without.


The Bags:

360-Degree Rolling Carry-On

On a solo trip, you’re the one responsible for lugging that luggage around. I’ve found that packing in a 360-degree rolling carry-on is most efficient and effective. These bags can be turned, pulled, and pushed in every direction. They’re much easier to roll through the streets and maneuver through various modes of transportation.

Lightweight Belt Bags or Money Holder

I am a huge fan of belt bags. I honestly have so many to choose from for every trip. When it comes to solo travel packing, convenience should be of the utmost priority. These are the definition of convenience for carrying around your personal items. Not only do they securely attach to your body to reduce the chances of unwanted hands grabbing your belongings, but they are incredibly lightweight. (And they look good with every outfit!)

A beautiful solo hike in Styria, Austria.

The Tech:

Portable Charger

When you’re traveling solo, you’re always on the go. Who wants to take precious time to stop and find a spot to plug in and recharge? You’ll be using your phone to take photos, get around, and communicate with others along the way. A small portable charger will help make sure you’re always geared up and fully charged. Some can give you an entire extra battery charge. This is one of my favorite travel gadgets as it’s pocket-sized and fits perfectly in your belt bag.


Wireless Headphones and Earplugs

I can’t travel without a pair of earplugs and my wireless headphones. I love keeping my phone safely tucked away while still being able to listen to music, podcasts, or make calls while traveling in between cities. They also tune out any unwanted noise and can elevate your outfits. Earplugs are a great way to unwind and get Zen. Sometimes you just need to revel in some silence while traveling solo, and these certainly help do the trick.


TSA Approved Travel Locks

Unfortunately, the days of traveling without locking your suitcases are long over. No matter where you travel, you’ll want to protect your belongings while in transit and at your accommodations. These locks are airport-approved, so they aren’t the most sophisticated; however, they certainly help deter uninvited guests from rummaging through your items.

Exploring the Australian Alps. Always wearing my silk scarf!

The Necessities:

First Aid Items and Extra Medications

You never know if/when you’ll pass a pharmacy during your travels, especially if you’re traveling to more remote destinations. I always pack prescriptions as well as common over-the-counter vitamins and medicines that I may take from time to time. Some countries may not have the same types of medicines you’re used to, and the language barrier will not make it any easier to find the exact pills you need. I highly recommend you play it safe and bring your own with you!


Comfortable Walking Shoes

This one is hands down non-negotiable for me when traveling solo. I definitely opt for comfort over style, though there are plenty of comfortable walking shoes that do both. As soon as I step off of the plane, I don’t stop. I spend hours upon hours exploring cities by walking, biking, or some other form of physical activity. I absolutely love the outdoors and always want to explore as many areas as possible on my solo trips. Trust me; your feet will thank you after a long day out on the town!


Wardrobe Staples

Packing the right clothes is arguably the biggest struggle for solo travelers. Overpacking can be a problem when you’re traveling along as you’re the one carrying everything from place to place. The best way to be practical is to pack wardrobe staples that can be repeated (without necessarily being noticeable in your beautiful photos). I also love to pack in outfits, so it takes the guesswork out of what to wear when I arrive. Like with your sneakers, comfortability is key!


Silk Scarves

This is one of my secret suitcase ingredients for solo traveling. Did you know silk scarves are actually considered an excellent natural remedy to protect you from a sore throat?! Honestly, I won’t travel anywhere without these accessories, regardless of the season or destination. They provide a simple way to elevate your outfits while also protecting you from the AC or other changes in wind/temperature while traveling. (If you happen to be feeling under the weather while traveling, brew some sage tea and use it for gargling or drinking.) These scarves are incredibly practical and they take up minimal room in your luggage! You can see me sporting one in both the featured image and the Alps image above.


Nonperishable, Simple Snacks

Last but not least is some travel sustenance. I personally always carry nuts with me on my trips. I highly recommend you pack some nonperishable, simple snacks to give you a quick boost during the day. It helps alleviate any feelings of low sugar when you’re busy off exploring and helps hold you over until your next meal. Carrying a nonperishable snack with you means you won’t be forced to continuously stop for nourishment along the way.

I love packing a light leather jacket for cooler evenings.You can never go wrong with one in your suitcase!

Solo Travel Packing

These are my favorite travel essentials! If you’re planning on traveling solo, you should highly consider bringing these along. Are there any other must-have items you typically pack for your travels? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram page. I am always looking for fun, new travel gadgets! 

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