Refresh Your Mind and Body with the F.X. Mayr Cure at Park Igls

Are you looking to surround yourself with the peaceful sounds of nature and incredible landscapes while detoxifying your body, mind, and spirit?

The Park Igls Austria health retreat is a true hidden gem. If you’re looking for the ideal spot to detox with the F.X. Mayr cure, this fasting hotel with a gorgeous view of the Austrian Alps must be on your bucket list.

Moments of sunrise through the large windows of the Suite Plus.

I stayed at Park Igls for the first time in 2001 as it’s known to have the best detox program in Austria. Before that, I had already done F.X. Mayr cures in other hotels.

I first discovered Park Igls from catalogs sent to my parent’s house. My father had been interested in the hotel, which also sparked my curiosity.

The Park Igls

For more than 30 years, the Park Igls hotel has helped facilitate the Mayr detox cure program, along with many other rejuvenating offerings. The property was recently renovated with a special focus on the wellness areas and the indoor pool, which were completely redesigned. I did my first fasting cure at Park Igls alone, without my husband, in the depths of winter, with the glorious snow blanketing the landscape. To say it left a lasting impression would be an understatement.

Tea lounge and a place for evening life music entertainment.

An exceptional highlight of the Park Igls is the Suite Plus (I’ve had the pleasure to stay in the suite on two of my fasting stays!). This light-flooded, 64-square-meter suite features its own infrared cabin in the granite bathroom. The large window fronts offer fantastic views of the mountains from sunrise to sunset. A truly incredible experience!

The Suite Plus: This light-flooded, 64-square-meter suite features its own infrared cabin in the granite bathroom. The large window fronts offer fantastic views of the mountains.

Throughout the day, there’s a richly varied and diverse range of exercise programs and psychological support in small groups. The programs range from gentle yoga, fascia training, and guided meditations to cardiovascular, strength-muscle building, flexibility, and relaxation.

Whether in the panoramic fitness room (take in the glazed window fronts with panoramic views of the mountains) or in the indoor pool, exercise and relaxation are offered in abundance and are part of the inclusive offer of your stay at Park Igls.

The panoramic fitness room with the glazed window fronts offers a panoramic view of the mountains. 

I love the outdoors and prefer to stay outside, but the hotel’s sauna area with an indoor pool is wonderfully relaxing and thoughtfully designed. I find it easy to relax in this pleasant setting with a spacious steam room and various saunas. I don’t eat dinner during my fasting, but guests can enjoy a vegetable soup in the restaurant in the evening. Instead, this stay, I spent my evenings in deep relaxation, using the sauna all by myself, even with a fully booked hotel.

Reconnect With Yourself and Nature

Beyond the grounds of the hotel, the location of the hotel is ideal, even without a car. There’s a flat plateau on either side of the hotel, which is lovely for hiking. The Ullwald boasts soft forest soil and beautiful winding paths reminiscent of a fairy tale forest. The Lanser Kopf offers a short climb and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains.

I love the outdoors and prefer to stay outside.

If you’re feeling more athletic while fasting, I recommend taking the mountain cable car up to the Patscherkofel. From there, you can ski or take the stunning climb to the top for an exceptionally breathtaking view of Innsbruck! Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is only a 15-minute drive from the fasting hotel.

Climbing to the top of the mountain

From the Park Igls, you can also take a drive and explore the quaint mountain village of Seefeld in Tirol. With its 650 kilometers of hiking trails through cooling forests and across sunny meadows, only 30 km away.

My Passion for The Mayr Detox and Cure Program

I’ve learned a lot about health remedies during my F.X. Mayr cures. Holistic health treatments have enriched my life so much over the past 25 years. Despite having a very bad cold once in Park Igls, I refused to take any non-naturopathic medicines. Since the F. X. Mayr cure is a detoxification cure and detoxifies the liver in particular, it was out of the question for me to take any conventional medicine. Instead, a Park Igls employee taught me how to clear my nose with Röder therapy.

My first “meal” on my last day of detox. Slow chewing and thoughtful eating are essential principles of the F.X. Mayr detox.

Röder Therapy

Röder therapy improves your nasal hygiene and strengthens the natural barrier of your immune system. The technique uses oil-soaked cotton swabs in your nostrils to eliminate toxins. It triggers sneezing to naturally clear up your nasal passageway so you can get back to enjoying your trip and your mindful breathing techniques sooner!

The cozy tea lounge with open fireplace.

Infusion Drip Cures

I had another life-enriching health experience during my first stay at Park Igls: infusions! The medical staff at the medical center was sympathetic to my severe cold and suggested I try a vitamin C infusion (with the approval of my attending physician, of course). I tried it! What a relief! Moments after my vein was hooked up to the drip, the high-proof vitamin C was flowing into my veins and through my body. My stuffy nose opened up almost immediately.

Experience the F.X. Mayr Cure Fasting Detox at Park Igls

Whether you’re a regular like me or a first timer, the Park Igls is the perfect location to complete the F.X. Mayr cure.

If you’re looking for just a taste of the experience, they offer a “detox short break” of 4 nights. However, the F.X. Mayr cure is a holistic method of revitalization and mental activation, so the process takes time, and a stay of two to three weeks is ideal.

The Suite Plus features its own infrared cabin in the granite bathroom. The large window offers fantastic views from the bath tub.

After more than 20 years of F.X. Mayr detox fasting experiences, I know that the body really only needs one thing: time. My ideal length of hotel fasting is 9-12 nights—then I do about 4-6 weeks of moderate detox at home. Please keep in mind that I’m in good health all around and have always used the cure as preventative medicine. If you have any health conditions, you should consult your doctor first before fasting.

Lunch is my second and last meal of the day. Basic vegetable soup and protein supplement (sheep’s curd).

Slow chewing and thoughtful eating are essential principles of the F.X. Mayr detox. Focus on your food, without distractions, calmly and with pleasure, chewing for a long time, consciously tasting and enjoying. This will significantly help the success of the cure program. Do not drink with meals, but only between meals, and consume about 1 liter per 20 kg of body weight.

The city center of Innsbruck with the majestic mountains in the background is just a 15 minutes drive away.

The F.X. Mayr cure helps you reconnect with your truest form of being. Through silent moments and fasting discipline, you begin to turn inward and experience a blissful calm within. By taking the time to be mindful of your eating and appreciating quiet moments, you can fully reconnect with yourself.  

Do you have any questions about Park Igls or the F.X. Mayr detox? Let me know in the comments below! You can also follow my journey of health, wellness, and travel on my Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Refresh Your Mind and Body with the F.X. Mayr Cure at Park Igls”

  1. It is a real pleasure to read your blog article, thank you for this wonderful report! The things you report are a perfect proof of the effects of Modern Mayr Medicine. Looking forward to welcoming you again at Park Igls!
    Andrea Gnägi, managing director

    1. Also this cure was a marvelous success, for my body feeling and has brought me again a bit further in my personal growth. One must experience the Mayr cure in one’s own body and get involved in its effectiveness. This requires above all a feeling for one’s own body and time.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my blog, I’m looking forward to my next cure!

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