Living Consciously

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”
Thornton Wilder

Committing to Living Consciously

Most of us run on autopilot. We’re not living consciously, we’re making influenced decisions. We say yes when deep down we wish we said no. We do whatever is penciled in on the calendar and listen to outside voices rather than internal ones.

But I don’t believe we were put on this Earth only to operate within the demands and confines of others’ expectations. I believe we were put here to be our true selves, do things at our own pace, and live by our internal compass. And when you choose to live consciously and intentionally, you choose to return to that.

You choose to return to your divine center; the source of your power.

And I believe that when you step back into that power and pursue serenity through slow traveling and living consciously, you begin to unleash your natural light, channel the magic of this Earth, and find deep, soul-filling waves of happiness along every step of your journey. 

What Does it Mean to Live Consciously?

In so many ways, living consciously is the decision to live the way we’ve always wanted to live. The real way. It’s slowing down to identify where your thoughts are genuinely coming from so that you’re not making decisions from limiting beliefs rooted in your unconscious.

You’re not saying yes to a party because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. You’re not taking a trip because everyone goes there. You’re not living your life to make a highlight reel on Instagram.

Instead, you’re taking the time to ask your heart and soul what it’s after. You’re taking conscious actions to stay aligned with what you want out of this life. You’re saying no instead of yes, and you’re showing up as your complete self.

When you choose conscious living, you choose your happiness. Your individualism. The sacredness of your soul’s desires. And doing so allows you to finally flow with the ease and natural abundance of life rather than against it.

Interested in seeing conscious living in action?

Ways to Incorporate Conscious Living Into Your Life and Travels

Once you switch off autopilot, it may feel disorienting at first to tap into conscious living. But I’ll tell you this now. While the shadow work may be one of your hardest challenges, it will also be the most rewarding.

Conscious living and slow traveling should not just be your love letter to this world but one to yourself. It will break you open and pour light, love, and pure energy into you like you’ll never believe.

So, as you begin to adopt the beauty of conscious living and traveling, here are some things you can incorporate into your daily routines to help you make the switch.

Deny Fear

I begin with fear because once you master this, it’s all flowing from here. As humans in the world, we operate on fear and anxiety. We make decisions based on people’s thoughts, expectations, and our own worries about the future.

But if you’re choosing to embrace conscious living and your most sacred desires, you have to be willing to deny fear and embrace the unknown. Trust in the undeniable fact that you can face even the scariest of things and that when things don’t go your way (from a flight change to a relationship ending), YOU get to decide how to make the most of it, how to find the good in it, and how to move forward from there.

Once you know that and live from it, you’ll be amazed at the freedom it unlocks.

Clear Your Mind and Body

There’s no better place to integrate yourself into conscious living than that of nature. Mother Earth is bountiful in serenity, and I’m a firm believer that clarity, peace, and alignment cannot be as quickly found in brick buildings as they can be found on grass hills or the quiet of peace of wooded mountains.

So my advice to you is when you’re looking for clarity and ways to amplify that inner voice and live with more intention, you lean on mother nature to clear your mind.

And when it comes to your body, pay attention to what you’re putting into it. What we put in, affects, the way our actions come out.

Chemicals from the air we breathe and other naturally occurring chemicals on Earth can find their way into things we eat—chemicals such as parabens, heavy metals, and triclosan.

And when they’re in your body, at higher than acceptable levels, it’s been shown to cause things like anxiety, depression, digestive issues, brain fog, and so many more internal problems that could keep us from living the life we want to live.

So this is why it’s essential to be aware of what you’re letting into your space and your body and understand how to eliminate toxins that could hinder your ability to build a conscious life.

Live on Your Terms

When you choose to depart from the society-accepted way of life, things will change drastically for yourself and even for others. People may even look at you differently. But when you commit to living consciously, you must also commit to living on your own terms.

Accept those terms. Sign off on them.

Explore what you want out of this life and be okay with walking the unbeaten path because you can trust that following it will not deliver you to an ending that leaves you wondering “what if.”

This journey, YOUR journey, will take you through the very depths of your own being while delivering you to the highest mountains of your most free and fulfilled self. It will show you life in a way that so few humans on this Earth get to see, even though it’s the very experience we were placed here to have. So enjoy it fully, wander intentionally, travel slowly. And remember to make choices that keep you thankful for everything you do have and everything you will have. There’s no time for regrets.

I’ve lived on my terms for as long as I can remember, and it has fulfilled my life every step of the way! Are you ready to live consciously, too?

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