How to Embrace the Unknown

To embrace the unknown means to take responsibility for yourself and the path you’re on. It’s about deciding how you want to live your life. Embracing the unknown means moving past your fears and worries about the future to live in joy and anticipation about what’s next for you. 

You may wonder where to find the unknown in your life—it lives in each second that passes. Everything that’s to come is uncertain. Situations are what they are, and it’s not up to you to change them.

So now you must make a conscious decision: No entry for worries and fears.

Worrying is not human nature, it’s learned. Unfortunately, it’s deeply rooted in our culture, yet it doesn’t do us any good. Worrying isn’t an instinct or an innate behavior, but a trained thought pattern. It has nothing to do with precaution and arises uncontrollably in the mind. The fear of not being able to handle a particular situation comes from widespread learned fears (fear of dying, illness, poverty, rejection, etc.). These fears are conquered through self-responsibility, self-reflection, and positive life orientation. Fear loses its power over you when you move past your limits.  

Being self-responsible isn’t a comfortable way of life. It requires effort. With practice, you become more competent, and self-responsibility becomes easier. This form of accountability puts you at the center of every situation you find yourself in. You understand that you’re the creator and you have the power to guide your life, which cancels out any feelings of insecurity. 

When you practice the daily mantra, “I am responsible,” this intention extends to how you feel and act. If you can’t change the situation, you can change your attitude towards it. The true gift in this process is self-awareness.

The next step is to embrace the unknown. Here’s my advice on how to do exactly that.

Believe That You Can Get Through Anything

When you embrace the uncertainty of life, you’ll be prepared for both the best and worst moments along the way. If you have confidence in yourself to get through bad times, you’ll appreciate the good so much more. But don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself to experience it and learn these valuable lessons in life. 

What do I mean by this? Well, let’s say you put yourself out there to try something new, and you fail. When you apply the practice of self-responsibility, what happens next is growth, and with that comes resilience. When you embrace the unknown, you can feel secure and well-balanced, knowing that whatever happens in life, even failure, you can handle it. The more you embrace the uncertainty, the more you’ll strengthen your confidence.

Accept That You Can’t Control Everything

If we realized early on that we can’t control what happens to us, we all would live much happier lives. If you ever experience anxiety (many of us do on a daily basis!), this is simply an example of trying to control the outcome of what happens in your life. But since you can’t actually do that, enter anxious feelings of the unknown. Part of embracing life is accepting the lack of control you have in this sense. 

This also means you can’t control what other people do in their own lives. You might try to change someone, like a romantic partner, to fulfill your needs in life. No matter how hard you try, you can’t control others, and once you realize this, you can embrace the uncertainty and let go of unrealistic expectations of others.

Focus on What You Can Control 

Although you can’t change the outcome of certain situations or how people behave in your life, you can control your own actions and reactions. You can choose how to react to what happens to you and make intentional choices about what you do next. If someone in your life is bringing you down, you can choose to walk away and not react negatively. 

Once you’re mindful of your actions and reactions, this self-awareness is a great tool for managing fear of the unknown, anxiety, and worry. Reacting with fear, for example, by avoiding certain situations or not putting yourself out there, will only increase your resistance to embrace the unknown. Let go of the fear, knowing you can control how you react to situations. 

Ask Questions and Find Answers

Have you always been curious about a particular activity, topic, or travel destination? Research it! Try a new hobby, become an expert in a new field, or explore a new corner of the world. The keyword here: NEW.

Once you become familiar with what you’re learning, you can feel more prepared to take that extra step to open yourself up to new experiences, new hobbies, or new adventures—the possibilities are endless when you embrace the unknown. I’ve always turned to sources like the below for answers, and I highly recommend you do too!

  • Eckhart Tolle, The New Earth
  • Alberto Villoldo, The Illumination Process
  • Conversations with Abraham Hicks

Be More Present in Your Life 

Learning how to be more present in life will help you embrace the unknown. You can practice mindfulness and meditation to aid in this journey, but the bottom line is very simple. Focus on the present moment. Only right now.

Notice how it feels in your body to only think about the present moment without thinking about your to-do list or any problems in your life that feel overwhelming. If your mind is constantly moving to what’s coming next, you won’t be able to enjoy your life right now. Part of learning how to enjoy the life you have been given is to embrace the uncertainty of the unknown by focusing on and appreciating the current moment.

Let Go of Your Fears of the Unknown 

Fear disappears when you push open the doors that you’re the most afraid to open. If you don’t embrace the unknown, you’ll continue to live with the fear of the unknown. The problem isn’t the unknown itself, but your fear of it.

The day that you take full responsibility for yourself and your fears is the day you stop looking for excuses. That’s the day your path to freedom begins. Will it be today?

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