How to Embrace Solo Travel When You’re Introverted

Solo travel is the definition of ultimate freedom.

You get to do whatever you want, be wherever you want, and go whenever you want, without anyone telling you otherwise. (This is one of the many reasons you should take a solo trip!)

But if you’re introverted, you may wonder, “do introverts like to travel solo?”

Yes! In fact, solo travel is even better suited for introverts.

Solo Travel Benefits for Introverts

One of the best solo travel benefits for an introvert is you don’t have to socialize with anyone except yourself.

You can plan your entire itinerary and fill it with your deepest desires. Include all of the sightseeing and beautiful destinations you can imagine – No need to fit in. No need to compromise. No requirements or expectations. Explore the world and form an intuitive connection with your inner self.

Today, I’ll share some key tips to traveling alone and venturing out on an adventure that feels true to yourself.

Solo Travel for Introverts: Key Tips to Traveling Alone

It’s in our nature to value alone time. And what better way to spend time with yourself than by exploring the world on a solo trip? Especially if you’re introverted.

If you have hesitations, start small! “Introvert” travel destinations don’t have to be off-the-beaten-path or exotic. Maybe begin with a weekend getaway in a nearby town or just across the border to a neighboring country. Whatever you decide, follow these tips to traveling alone when you embark on your first solo trip. (And when you’re ready, don’t forget to check out my blog on female solo travel!)

Plan Your Solo Travel Itinerary on Your Terms

When traveling solo, you won’t have other people on your trip to make decisions for you. As an introvert, you’ll love the inner peace you’ll experience on your travels. Prior to your trip, make a list of all the things you want to do at your destination. Include areas, activities, or restaurants you’d like to visit. Always leave room for spontaneity, especially if you prefer to live in the moment and love to just go with the flow.

Groups can be challenging. I do groups only when diving, and when I go diving at the Four Seasons, I’m often lucky enough to have a dive instructor just for me. When I hear that there are more than 2-3 divers, my dilemma begins, as the additional company means more hassle, more time waiting, and more opinions.  

No matter where I visit, physical activity is a must. (I prefer to be in nature or underwater!) Movement makes me feel calm, and there are fewer chances to be overwhelmed by a crowd or forced to talk to people you have no interest in interacting with. Some other activities I seek out when traveling solo, include:

  • Skiing (the immensity of the mountains helps me stop thinking)
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Diving/Swimming

 Every place that is quiet or silent suits me.

Choose Calming Accommodations

After exploring for the day, it’s essential to have a comfortable place to relax and unwind (and I’ve already curated a packing list for your solo trip!). As an introvert, you might not want to book a busy commercial chain hotel where there are always crowds and tacky souvenirs. Instead, seek out accommodations that will keep you calm and comfortable while traveling solo. Look up the amenities before making your selection to ensure it’s a good fit. (I personally love staying in more intimate boutique hotels or the Four Seasons properties.)

Connect With Others If and However You Want

Yes, even introverts crave socialization every now and then. If you start to feel a bit lonely, there are always interesting people to connect with. When traveling solo, I personally like to go out for dinner and a drink to meet people every once and a while. I also used to go clubbing a lot in the evenings. Regardless of how you want to interact with others, you can pick the time, place, and terms.

Break Free from Expectations and Travel The World On Your Terms

When you follow these tips to traveling alone, the solo travel benefits are endless! As an introvert, you might be afraid to break out of your shell. This is the time to do it. You’ll be so happy you embraced solo travel for all it’s worth. After all, growth happens the moment you step out of your comfort zone, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Beyond growth, you’ll also find peace! It is the essence of peace for me that has kept me solo traveling for all of these years. When I’m on a trip alone, I am calm, relaxed, in charge, and powerful. I create every moment without distraction. I do not produce unnecessary words. I am quiet. My mind is quiet.

Though I wouldn’t call myself an introvert, I’ve always enjoyed being alone in my own company, especially when traveling! Even though I sometimes travel with my husband, I still like to travel solo as much as possible. It’s something I hold dear to myself – it’s a form of oxygen for me.

Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? How do you feel about traveling solo? Let me know on Instagram or in the comments below. Follow along for more inspiration and travel tips! 

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