5 Natural Ways of Calming Anxiety When Traveling

Traveling can be the most exhilarating and freeing experience. But sometimes, even when you really want to pursue a dream or step out into the unknown, something creeps into your mind and holds you back. If you’re hesitant to take the leap and go on a solo trip or even get on a plane, you might be dealing with minor or even severe anxiety when traveling. The most important thing to recognize is that you’re definitely not alone in this.

How to Embrace Solo Travel When You’re Introverted

Solo travel is the definition of ultimate freedom.
You get to do whatever you want, be wherever you want, and go whenever you want, without anyone telling you otherwise. (This is one of the many reasons you should take a solo trip!)
But if you’re introverted, you may wonder, “do introverts like to travel solo?”

How to Embrace the Unknown

To embrace the unknown means to take responsibility for yourself and the path you’re on. It’s about deciding how you want to live your life. Embracing the unknown means moving past your fears and worries about the future to live in joy and anticipation about what’s next for you.

An Italy Road Trip Gem: Haus am Turm Hotel Review

Road trips are fantastic when you know the best hotels to stay in and the best areas to visit. Sterzing is the northernmost town in Italy and one of the highest towns in the Alps. With the Austrian border located just 15 km away, you can easily combine a trip to this pretty little town with visits to Innsbruck, Merano, and Bolzano.

The Best European Cities to Witness Blossoms in Spring

Beauty. Trust. Breath. Progress. This is what comes to mind when I think of springtime. The arrival of spring shows us renewal. How can we approach the transformation of our own being? Just as the soil naturally makes room for the tulip greens to spiral upward, how can we gently shift our relationship to what doesn’t work instead of forcing change?

My Favorite Easter Recipe: Vegan Carrot Cake

Easter’s right around the corner, and you cannot celebrate Easter without this vegan carrot cake – believe me! It is very easy to prepare and tastes absolutely egg-cellent.

The Best Destinations for Fall Foliage in Switzerland

The natural beauty of Switzerland is undeniable. All of its mountainous, tree-filled scenery provides the perfect backdrop for fall. While there are many breathtaking areas to explore, today, I’ll be highlighting just a few of the best destinations in Switzerland to witness the magic of fall foliage.