Haley Dagan

Solo Travel Essentials: 11 Things to Pack for Your Next Solo Trip

The time has finally come to take off on that solo trip you’ve been dreaming of! Now that you’re mentally prepared to embark on this next adventure, it’s time to prepare physically. After decades of traversing the globe, I now have the packing process down to an exact science. Here are 11 of my favorite solo travel essentials.

Exploring Lake Garda, Italy On a New Media Trip Experience

I didn’t think twice when the media trip invitation to Lake Garda, Italy, sailed into my mailbox. How could I say no to my first official media trip invitation and a chance to take a trip to Italy during the lockdown? The personal highlight of my trip to Lake Garda, Italy, was the visit to Parco Sigurta!

The Best Places to Visit When Traveling Solo in Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany, is one of the greatest female solo travel destinations in the world. (And I’m not just saying this because it’s the city I currently call home!) Here’s my solo travel guide of must-see places for your next adventure to Munich, Germany.

Skiing in Switzerland: My Incredible Experience in Engadin, St. Moritz

Engadin, St. Moritz swept me off my feet (but luckily not my skis). I love to think that every situation, as challenging as it might seem, withholds unexpected gifts for us. My travel experience skiing in Switzerland’s breathtaking Alps was without a doubt one of my ‘pandemic gifts,’ as I like to call it.

5 Reasons You Need to Take a Solo Travel Adventure

I started traveling solo decades ago, and this new pursuit to discover who you are while exploring uncharted territory, makes my soul genuinely happy. Have you taken a solo trip yet? If not, I’m here to convince you that you need to begin planning one right now.

An Epic New Travel Blog: Welcome to Six & The City

Even I have to constantly pinch myself when I reflect on the travel dream that has become my everyday reality. If I can inspire even one woman to take that leap and have the strength to visit one unchartered country or city solo, then I know I’ve made the impact I’m aiming for with this new travel blog.